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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 1st November 2014 Written Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 1st November 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Adi being annoyed and leaving. Pankhudi cries and thinks of Adi’s words. She thinks of their romantic moments. She thinks it was such a happy day and he left me alone, he did not turn back making so many promised, what to do, tell everyone, no, not now. She sees the surprise and smiles. Everyone say congrats to her. Sheela adorns her with a beautiful dupatta. Dhik tana dhik tana…………….plays………….They all give her gifts and blesses her. They all clap. Rubel asks how did you like they surprise. Payal asks where is Adi. Pankhudi says he will come. Sheela says she wants diamond set from Avantika. Anuj says you should give Nek to Pankhudi.

Sheela says yes, I will do my duty but take my right. Diwakar says Ambika is very happy knowing tis. Rubel says once Harish and Avantika come back, we will celebrate again. Pankhudi says she wants to talk to Dada ji. He asks where did Adi go. She says don’t know, I should have not hidden this. He says is he not ready for child. Sheela hears this and is shocked. Shanky tells Nana ji that he is happy that he will play with the baby. Mama says yes. Diwakar says yes, I will see how you run after the baby. Sheela asks Pankhudi how can Adi go like this. Pankhudi says no, he is not taking call. Sheela says I will ask Anuj to call him. Dada ji says guests should not know this.

Payal makes Pankhudi have sweet and says she should not do any work, and be happy. She asks why is she upset. Dada ji says nothing. Rubel says whats wrong with Adi. Sheela says he is not taking call, shall we call Avantika, she can explain Adi. Anuj says I called her to give good news, but she is in flight, but we should first get Adi, I will call him. Rubel and everyone try calling Adi and they all worry. Anuj says Adi should have come by now, its late. Sheela says Adi told in morning, he is not ready for child. Rubel says I does not mean he leaves the home.

Adi comes back and says who said I m leaving home. Everyone smile. Adi says there should be celebration, I m ok. Pankhudi asks why did you go. Adi says you have hidden it. She says I thought you won’t be happy. He says I was just saying so. She says my family loves me. Sheela asks Adi to guve good gift to Pankhudi. Adi teases Pankhudi saying she will become fat in few months. She runs to beat him. Adi gets a little girl with I m sorry board. She says so cute. Adi hugs Pankhudi and the girl. The girl leaves. Rubel says Adi won’t change ever.

Dada ji says yes, first we are scared of responsibility and then we love it. Rubel asks Adi and Pankhudi to come for celebrations. Ayush says one min, everyone speak so much, I heard new member is coming, so lets welcome. Adi says lets make a new start forgetting everything. They start singing Aaj se pehle aaj se zyada khushi aaj tak nai mili………….. They all bid farewell to the viewers by thanking them for their love and greeting everyone. They all dance together and their happy moments are shown in FB. They all write their names on the red wall.

Nana ji gives a special appearance and talks about relationships in family, love and marriage. He says no one is more dear than family. He says call the people whom you miss and does not make call being busy, or some other reasons, get united again. Relations are special, get habitual to family again, all problems will go on its own, stay united as a family, be happy. He waves bye. The show ends as the screen freezes on Nana ji’s happy face and everyone else in the background, standing united.

Show ended today
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Friday, 31 October 2014

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 31st October 2014 Written Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 31st October 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Adi asking Pankhudi to end their fight. She says you accept you love me more. They argue again and put icecreams on each other. He says you lost, I failed in love. She says yes, even I tease you always. He says yes, its loss to be husband, I have to bear it. He says you have good qualities and pulls her leg. He holds her hand and says I did not meet more beautiful person than you, like the way you unite everyone and bring smile on their faces and make my every moment beautiful, only you can do this, don’t know I can match to it or not. She says its you, so am I, keep loving me and we won’t know how life passes. She hugs him and they smile.

Sheela likes the party hall decorations. Anuj says you did not do this, and saying as if you did everything. Ayush says smile and takes her pic. He says its perfect for my cartoon pic. Anuj laughs. Sheela says take Payal’s pic, she is cartoon. Ayush calls her Khadoos saas. He asks where is Pankhudi. Pankhudi is worried for the tests, as she has done the tests. She gets doctor’s call and he says congrats, tests are positive, you are pregnant, we sent the reports by courier, you will get it in evening. She smiles and cries. She says I m mad, I m crying knowing this good news, I will tell everyone.

Payal is doing arrangements. Rubel says Kaira could not come, and mum is happy. Anuj says its fine. Payal says Ved ji is last hope for Kaira. Sheela misses Kaira. Adi says Kaira is brave girl, I also get worried to become a dad. Pankhudi hears this. Adi says can you imagine Pankhudi if anyone calls you mum, and you run after baby all day, its not easy to raise kids. Pankhudi looks at them and thinks. She goes back to her room. Pankhudi gets ready for the party and thinks how to tell Adi. Nana ji talks to the audience and thanks for watching the show always. He says lets see the journey. Adi and Pankhudi’s characterization is said in background and they get ready for party and come in the hall.

Pankhudi says see, your Adi did not come till now. Adi comes to her and says sorry. He says no one else came, why should I be sorry. They argue again. He says we won’t fight now. He holds her and says you are mine. She says your ego gets hurt when you say sorry. He says when he said sorry standing on bus like hero. She says so what, can’t you say sorry. He says fine, sorry, a husband has to become fool infront of wife. She says you mean I m fool. He says yes, I can prove, you loved me and acted to love someone else. She says yes, it proves you are fool, you loved me and took years to say. He says yes, I m feeling hot, why did guests not come, check makeup in mirror.

Anuj and Sheela get ready and argue. They welcome the guests. Anuj says you won’t change ever. Sheela says I can sense Avantika in you. He says what did she tell you. Sheela says she always shut up, enough, and loud voice always. She gets Avantika’s call and talks to her sweetly. She says she was missing her and was talking to Anuj about her. Anuj says its good to be away from them, they fight, and still together. Pankhudi and Payal say yes, and Payal thanks her for forgiving and covering her mistakes. She asks about her health, is she fine. Pankhudi says it was because of weather change. Rubel sees so much love and says his eyes got filled, he can’t take it. He talks to Adi and says dad is right, when ladies show so much love, its danger. Adi says yes, its war every day after marriage.

Rubel says yes, but Payal is right, you and Pankhudi are together, and I m here with you, I always had bitterness in heart, and you both have changed me. Adi says don’t praise me much. Ayush joins them and the brothers have a talk. Anuj thanks Bau ji and Pankhudi’s family for coming in the party. Bau ji says we felt proud that you all and Harish gave name to Ayush. Ayush gives envelop to Adi and says Shanky gave it. Adi sees the letter in it and is shocked reading it. Rubel asks what happened Adi.

Bau ji tells Pankhudi that she and Adi did a lot for family, and now its time to take family ahead. Pankhudi thinks don’t know how will Adi react. Adi leaves the letter and goes out. Rubel reads it. Adi says why did Pankhudi not tell me, how could she do this. He messages her to come outside the house and she goes to meet him. She says she will tell him now if she gets a chance. Rubel tells Shanky that Pankhudi is going to meet Adi, its right time to begin and tells his plan.

Adi asks whats Pankhudi’s problem, how can she hide this from him, I know you are pregnant. She says Adi, I wanted to tell you but…. He says you thought you will tell me if you wish. She says I heard you talking about kids and did not know how will you react. He says you should have told me. He gets annoyed. She says listen to me once. He leaves in the car. She cries and thinks she was afraid of this, what to do now.

Bau ji asks Pankhudi where did Adi go. She says don’t know, Its my mistake, I should have told him. Bua ji says is it that he is not ready for child. Sheela hears them.
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Thursday, 30 October 2014

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 30th October 2014 Written Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 30th October 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Rubel and everyone having a talk and being happy having a family union. They all forgive Payal and Payal smiles. Harish says he will make food today. Adi says I will help you. Everyone sit for having food. The ladies are shocked seeing the bad food. Harish and Adi ask them to have food. Adi says what did you think, we will torture you. They present the original master chef food. They get glad seeing the perfectly cooked food. Pankhudi gives the world tour tickets to Avantika. Harish says he got it as anniversary tickets. Avantika says its tomorrow, such a small notice. Everyone ask her to go. Ayush says don’t worry about me, I will be here like good boy. Avantika agrees and smiles.

Avantika says time passed so easily, everything happened so fast. Harish says yes its true. Sheela says lets play Antakshiri. Avantika says we have to do packing, there is lot of work to do. She says she has to go. Harish says we will play after we come back. Adi and Pankhudi say they will come to help them in packing. Everyone wave them bye. They leave taking Ayush along. Sheela cries in her room. Anuj asks what happened, tell me. Payal gives her water and asks why is she crying. Sheela says she has seen serials for years and its ending. Anuj says so what. Sheela says what to do then, its my life. Anuj says try to understand, the thing that starts will end too, another show will take its place, don’t get upset.

Payal says yes, he is right. She hugs Sheela. Sheela says I will see the party in the last episode of the show. Anuj and Payal smile. Ayush, Adi and Pankhudi are on the way. Pankhudi says Adi loves her a lot. Adi says Pankhudi loves him more. They start arguing. Ayush looks at them and feels sleepy. He sleeps while they argue. Adi and Pankhudi see Ayush sleeping and asks him to come out. Ayush says he does not get into fights, its bad habit.

They come in and start arguing again. Payal says she made breakfast for Ayush and asks Shanky to take it. Pankhudi sees this and is glad. Payal asks her to see, as she wants to be her assistant and manage the home. Pankhudi holds her hand and is happy. She says you won’t be my assistant, but be with me. Payal says you take the duties back, I can’t take whats yours. Pankhudi hugs her. Its morning, everyone sit for breakfast. Pankhudi has head ache and Adi worried. He says he will take her to doctor. Pankhudi says see Ayush, he loves me so much.

Payal says she has to say something. She says she has a request, she wants to keep a small celebration at home. She says I know Avantika and Harish are not here, we will keep another party after they come, but for now….. Adi says I think it’s a good idea. Rubel says very good idea, Payal is right. Anuj says fine, if kids wants this, lets go ahead. Payal says thanks, I will prepare for party. Rubel says I will help you. Adi and Pankhudi are annoyed and argue again. He gives her icecream, and she asks him to be away. She leaves.

Adi gets a paper and is shocked reading it. Rubel asks what happened.

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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 29th October 2014 Written Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 29th October 2014 Written Update
The Episode starts with Adi telling Harish that Avantika’s flight has gone. They cry. Sheela catches Payal red handed, while she is talking to the reporter who is asking about Avantika’s flight news. Payal says I just told what I knew. Anuj comes and asks what happened. Sheela says lets go inside, I will tell everything that Payal did. Adi hugs Harish and asks him to come home, you will go US to find mum and get her back, we will find some solution, come. Sheela slaps Payal infront of everyone. She says I did not know you will fall so low, how can anyone tell such thing to media. Anuj says I m sorry to say, but you did not leave me to show my face to Harish. Rubel asks Payal to leave her house and family. Payal is shocked.

Adi brings Harish come. Adi asks Pankhudi about Avantika. Harish asks her why did she not stop Avantika and cries. He says there is no use to cry now, as I misunderstood her. He says everything is over now. Harish comes to Avantika’s room and talks to her pic. He says you left us and went. He says I was waiting for you to apologize to me, I would have hugged you, why you went in hurry, I came to airport to stop you, I guess I was late, as you don’t have habit to wait. I will miss you. Avantika says Harish………. He says Avantika and looks for her in the house.

He says where did everyone go. He holds his head and says I have to get habitual to stay without Avantika, if I go to US, she won’t agree. Avantika says don’t you have this trust on your Avantika. Harish says Avantika, where are you, I can feel you here, I know you are here. He says Adi that Avantika is here. Pankhudi says I dropped mum to airport. He says Anuj I heard Avantika twice, I know she did not go, there she goes. He says she just went, please believe me. Rubel says uncle I know you are stressed, she is not here. Harish says she is playing game, she is here.

He cries and sits down. He says please come back. He says scold me, but come back please, I know I ruined everything. Avantika says not yet Harish. He gets glad seeing her. Everyone smile. He says I told you all that she is here. He apologizes to her. Sheela says thank us also. Harish says it means you all did this. Pankhudi says sorry dad, it was Rubel’s idea. Rubel says yes, we thought to make an actor to unite with his heroine in filmi way. Anuj says Sheela is talented to make serious scene into comedy. Pankhudi says this time credit goes to someone else. She calls Ayush. Ayush comes there.

Pankhudi says when no one was able to convince mum, Ayush spoke to her. The FB shows Ayush asking Avantika to take him back home, as Papa is also calling them now, please lets go back, I can’t leave him and go. He says I know that fat uncle is my Papa, and I want to stay with you and him, please take me to my Papa. He asks driver to take care back home. Pankhudi asks Avantika to agree, as Diwaan Mansion wants to see the family together. Avantika agrees and cries. Pankhudi says then we got her yes and we came here. Everyone smile.

Ayush asks Harish will he leave him now. Harish holds him and cries. He says we won’t go Mr Ayush Kumar. Everyone smile. Harish hugs Adi and Ayush and says he is feeling old today, he has two young handsome sons today, finally we are together. Rubel says no, we all are not together. Payal has to leave this home, she did wrong with our family. Pankhudi says everyone make mistakes, but we should forgive. Rubel says how many times, she has told all the personal matters to media and has shut door for herself. Avantika is shocked. Rubel says Payal has leaked everything in media. Avantika goes to talk to Payal.

Payal cries in her room. Avantika comes to her and drags her to the living room. Pankhudi says mum please, let Payal speak once. Rubel says there is nothing to say now, she has to leave home. Avantika says I know she did mistake, I m sure she has a reason, can’t we forgive her, everyone here did some mistake, still we all are together and happy. Sheela says we got forgiven as we rectified our mistake. Avantika says whats wrong in giving Payal a chance. Pankhudi asks Rubel to forgive Payal, as we are all responsible for this. Rubel says whats the guarantee she won’t do this again.

Adi says so we are family to cover the less strengths. Pankhudi asks Sheela to forgive her. Sheela says Payal can never become Pankhudi. Harish says why do you always compare her with Pankhudi. Adi asks Rubel to hug Payal. Rubel says no Adi. Payal apologizes to Rubel and cries. She says she can’t leave this house, she was alone in her room and she realized she can run after property, but she is nothing without her family. She apologizes to everyone. Rubel says no use now, you have to leave this house. Payal cries.

Avantika gets a surprise. Adi asks Avantika and Harish to go on world tour. Pankhudi says yes. Avantika looks on. .
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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 28th October 2014 Written Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 28th October 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Avantika asking Adi not to worry as she is strong. Ayush shows the painting. Pankhudi says its good, but why are you and mum apart from others. Avantika says even then we all will be united. They leave smiling. Avantika makes Ayush sleep and asks Shanky to help her. He nods no. She requests him saying she is like his daughter. He agrees. She thanks him. Its morning, the press conference starts. Payal signs the reporter. Shanky says he is going to check gas in kitchen. Adi and Pankhudi sit there. Avantika comes out with Ayush. Ayush asks why are these people here, I will get my pic clicked. She stops him and holds his hand. She walks with him.

She thanks everyone for coming. Payal’s reporter asks her resignation news and she called this press conference to apologize. Avantika says I have made no mistake so why to apologize. He taunts on her illegitimate son, and asks where is your husband Harish is you are right. Harish looks on tv. Avantika answers them. He says what was the need to keep press conference. She accepts that Ayush is her son. She says he is not Harish’s son, but Amit Sharma’s son. She says yes, I fell in love with Amit, he met with an accident, whats wrong in this. I started my life again, I made a mistake and that brought Ayush to life. She says my dad has hidden this from me, what could he have done, people would have been for my character certificate if he told them.

She says I ran to accept my son, whats wrong in it, just because he is born out of my wedlock, can’t I love him. She asks the lady does she love her son, then why are they making Ayush’s issue. She says she did not call them for explanation, she is clearing that she will give Ayush her name, and he will be Ayush Avantika Diwaan from now on. She says print this in newspaper, I m sure it will increase your sales. She says my personal life does not count my professional work, my seniors want to take my post, I want to say that I give up this post, as its not more than my self respect. Everyone clap for her.

The reporters apologize to her and says it will be printed without editing, it will inspire all women to fight. Avantika says thanks, sit down, I m not done yet. She thanks her family for supporting her. He says Harish is watching this, I m sorry for hiding this from him. She cries and says I m sorry Harish, I m going to Us with Ayush forever. Harish and everyone are shocked. Harish says is she mad, how can she go leaving me. Avantika says I never loved anyone expect him, she still loves him a lot and I will continue to love you till I die. Everyone looks on.

She says if possible forgive me. She keeps the mic and the reporters ask when is she going to US. Adi says give us 10mins time, we will answer all the questions. Adi asks her to come with him and takes her holding her hand. Adi asks Avantika how can she decide this. Avantika says she took this decision for Harish. Pankhudi says how can she run. Avantika says no, I m taking my past with me. Adi says you are being selfish. Avantika says you are grown up and can look after everyone. Sheela says she won’t let her go. Avantika says I have to go. Ayush says he does not want to go.

Adi says it means Ayush knew and so he made that painting. Avantika says I have my flight in sometime, I have to go. Pankhudi says you did not share with me. Avantika says Shanky kept the luggage in my car. Adi asks Shanky why did he not tell him. Avantika says he just did as I said. Adi says lets talk. Avantika says I can’t stop. Adi says you are being stubborn, fine, go, I won’t stop you. Avantika asks Sheela to take care of Adi. She leaves. Pankhudi asks Adi to stop mum. She says I m going and asks Sheela to call Harish. Avantika takes Ayush. Pankhudi says she will come till airport and goes with her.

Adi cries and says mum….. He runs after the car and falls. Harish comes and holds Adi. Pankhudi asks Avantika not to go. Avantika says she has to go, is she is with Harish, he will not be happy seeing Ayush. Adi calls Pankhudi and asks her to keep phone on speaker. Harish talks to Avantika and says he was very annoyed, but if he loved, then he has right to be annoyed. He talks to media and gives message. He says only Avantika could have done this, I can’t, it needs courage, I m proud of you. He says I want to say that Ayush is my son too. Ayush will be known as Ayush Harish Kumar. He will be my son. Everyone smile. Avantika cries. Harish asks Avantika to come back.

Adi says dad does not want mum to go, please stop her Pankhudi. Adi hugs Harish. Pankhudi asks driver to take car back home. Avantika says drive to airport. Adi says Pankhudi, convince mum, we are on the way. Harish says whats wrong with her, drive faster, else she will go. Adi and Harish gets stuck at the signal. Harish says he will take other route. Adi says no, this is the only way. Harish says I know Avantika is adamant, she won’t stop if she decided. They reach and run inside the airport. The guard stops Harish. Harish says my wife is inside, I need to meet her urgent. He asks him to call her. Harish shouts on him. Adi says I will call Pankhudi. Pankhudi says Adi, mum’s flight is gone. Adi is shocked and tells Harish that mum is gone. Harish and Adi cry.

Harish comes home and calls out everyone’s name. He says he is sure Avantika is at home. Pankhudi says how can this happen, I dropped her at airport. Harish says no.
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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 27th October 2014 Written Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 27th October 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with the reporters asking questions to Avantika about her affair and Ayush being her son. Rubel manages the media and asks them to leave. Rubel says he will see to it that this news is not printed. They all wonder how did media get to know this. Rubel says he spoke to his friends and they are shocked too. Pankhudi pacifies Ayush. Ayush says why was Adi fighting with them, its bad. Pankhudi says Ayush is scared, take him to room, I will be with Adi. Avantika takes Ayush. Payal asks the reporter to print all info in papers tomorrow and he will get the payment. She says sorry Avantika Bua, you want to rule in this house, see tomorrow. She thinks she hires the reporter. Sheela comes to Payal. She asks did any reporter call you. Payal says she did not give any comment.

Sheela asks did she do all this. Payal says you feel I don’t care for this house. Sheela says I will kick out you of my house, if you are behind this. Adi apologizes to Avantika and asks her to follow her routine, what if anyone questions. She says yes, I did not do any mistake, why should I run away, I m ready to face any question. Adi says I love you mum. She says I love you too Adi. Pankhudi serves food to Harish. The door bell rings. Mr and Mrs Sinha come there. Pankhudi greets them. Sinha says its our 40th wedding anniversary party and we came to invite you all. Pankhudi says you are lucky, very few people get this chance.

Mrs. Sinha says the time was not same, but bad time passes by our togetherness. Sinha says husband and wife means supporting each other and not seeing the lesser things. It makes Harish think. They leave. Pankhudi says they told good words, can you not forget mum’s past. Its morning, Rubel sees the news and calls everyone. He shows the news and says this is ridiculous, how did they get accurate details about Ayush. Rubel says I did not say this details to my friends, it means someone is leaking it.

Anuj says did Mrs. Verma do this. Pankhudi says why will she do this. Sheela says then who knows this. Avantika says anyways, the damage is done, I m going office. Sheela asks her to stay at home for few days. Avantika says no, people will think I m wrong. Pankhudi asks her not to go alone. Adi says I m coming with you mum. Avantika says promise you will control your emotions. Ayush says I will also come. Pankhudi says they are going for boring work, we will be at home and play game. Avantika thanks Pankhudi and leaves with Adi.

The reporters stop their car and Adi asks the driver to keep going. Sheela asks Pankhudi who is doing all this. Pankhudi says don’t know, only our family knows this, but Mrs. Verma won’t do this, else she would have done it before and not got Ayush here. Sheela says yes. Ayush comes there and shows newspaper pic of Adi beating reporter. He says I want to become he man like him. Pankhudi says have food first and goes. Sheela says once I get proof against Payal, I will see her.

Avantika and Adi are at office and ask Anita to request press to leave. Anita says govt senior have called a meeting. Avantika asks which one, about the news printed today. Anita says yes, they are waiting. Avantika says I m coming. Avantika and Adi come in the meeting. She says I know what printed in newspaper, you all are concerned by it. She says each and every word is true, Ayush is my son, its my personal issue and I don’t think it will affect my work. The man says but this will affect society and people will question on your character. Adi says you can’t say this.

Avantika says I did not do anything wrong. Mr Singh says you are public figure and we want to resign from this chair and post. Avantika says I think you have wasted your time, I will not resign. He says then we will take another step against you. She says I will maintain my dignity. Adi says its really sad to see hypocrites in society, you talk about women empowerment and equal rights, and making a dutiful lady resign, yes Ayush was her son before the wedlock, it does not mean her talent and hardwork does not matter. He says good day and leaves with Avantika.

Ayush plays and asks Pankhudi is Harish is dad too, if he is Adi’s dad. Shanky comes and says Adi and Avantika came from office, they look worried. She asks Ayush to make painting to make Avantika happy. Avantika tells everyone that they want her to resign. Rubel says its unfair. Avantika says yes, so I did not resign. She gets a letter and reads it. She says govt sent me termination letter. Anuj says we can file case in court. Sheela says no, it will be big issue. Adi says if mum is quiet, they will think she is guilty, she can’t give up chair so easily. Avantika says she wants to call press conference and end this issue.

Adi says there will be many such questions in conference. She says we have to face it one day, and I have family with me. Pankhudi says yes, we are together. She goes. Anuj tells everything to Harish. He says she wants to make it clear that she did not do anything wrong. Harish says when people ask about her character, its tough. Anuj asks him to talk to Avantika. Harish thinks if Avantika does not care about her respect, he will not do anything this time.

Avantika apologizes to Harish for hiding this from him, and she knows he is seeing this press conference. She says she is taking Ayush and going to US forever. Harish sees all this on tv and is shocked.
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Saturday, 25 October 2014

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 25th October 2014 Written Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 25th October 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts wit Adi hugging Ayush and saying thank God you are safe. Ayush laughs and says I won, I told you they will come to come me. Adi asks what. Rubel says they are my friends, and Ayush’s so called kidnappers. Adi asks whats going on. Rubel says I did this to make you come back home, and I started thinking, then I saw Ayush, and he was leaving home really, I stopped him. The FB shows Rubel seeing Ayush leaving with bags. He stops him. Ayush says he is leaving home, as everyone is fighting and mum is sad. Rubel says you want to stop this fights and want to see Maa happy, so do as I say, sit I will explain. Rubel says lets play a hide and seek game. He says you hide somewhere, and Adi, Pankhudi and Avantika will find you, and then when Adi meet you, he will hug you tight and not let you go anywhere, and Maa will be happy. Ayush agrees to play.

Rubel says all thanks to my friends, we executed this plan. He thanks the men and they leave. Avantika asks Rubel are you out of your mind, how can you behave so childishly. Adi says no, Rubel did the right thing, as we were behaving maturely. He says after knowing about Ayush, I did not understand that my anger and leaving home can’t change the fact. He says I was running away from Ayush, blood relations does not break easily. Adi cries. He says when I came to know Ayush is in problem, I came here without thinking anything, I will take my brother with me. Ayush smiles.

Adi hugs Ayush and apologizes to him. Ayush says its fine, I have forgiven you. He says a brother can’t be annoyed with his brother. He says I have a condition, you have to regard me as Rubel. Rubel says no, he will regard more than me. Adi talks to Avantika and she thanks him. She cries and says you gave me life’s biggest gift by accepting Ayush. Adi and Ayush hug her. Pankhudi thanks Rubel for uniting family. Rubel says we are family. Avantika thanks Rubel as she got Adi and Ayush today. She smiles and says lets go home.

They all come home, while Sheela is worriedly waiting. She asks Anuj to call Rubel. Anuj says see they came. Sheela gets happy seeing them and says the money bag also came, great, I knew my children will beat the goons. Adi says no beating needed. She asks what. Rubel says I will tell you, Ayush was not kidnapped. He tells everything. Payal is shocked. Anuj says you did great work Rubel. Sheela says he is my son, intelligent one. Adi gets Harish’s call and goes out. Payal seems to be unhappy.

Adi goes out and meets Harish. Harish asks about Ayush and Avantika. Adi says Ayush came home and mum is fine. Harish says I was so restless. Adi says I will tell you superhit film story, come. Avantika thanks Rubel as she got Adi back. Sheela says give some time to Harish. Payal says yes, if there is any mistake, I m blamed. Rubel asks why are you talking like this. She says Rubel did not inform me and I got to hear scolding. She says no one cares for me in this house, else no one would have blamed me for kidnapping. She leaves.

Harish says what was the need for Rubel to do this, I was worried for Avantika. Adi says why are you hiding it, I know its tough, but after going far from mum, no one is happy, and we should end this now. Harish says I don’t want to talk. Adi says till when, whole life, till finish this relation. Harish says what do you mean, is it easy. Adi asks do you love mum so much, that it hurts even to think this. Harish says I m happy you accepted Ayush and your mum, but for me, I have just one son and will always be. Avantika hears this standing far. Harish leaves. Adi comes to Avantika and leaves.

Anuj says blood calls blood, else Adi would have not run for Ayush. He asks Rubel are you sure your friends won’t tell anyone about Ayush. Rubel says don’t worry, they are my close friends, they won’t tell anyone. Everyone start getting calls together. Sheela says no, nothing like this, you are mistaken. Sheela tells Anuj that newspaper people called and asked about Ayush. Adi and Avantika say yes, we got the calls. Payal thinks she did this, sorry, but as everyone blamed her, she informed the media. Adi says how have done this, please ignore this calls. Rubel says I think we have to take help from media houses. Avantika says no, its better to ignore calls. Ayush asks what happened, tell me whats the problem, I will solve it.

Pankhudi says really, fine, we will do painting. Ayush goes with her. Sheela says who told this to media. Payal says such things don’t hide. Sheela doubts on her. Rubel asks Payal to go to her room. She leaves. Avantika comes to Ayush. She says I wish Harish was there with me, I don’t care about society. Adi should learn to control anger, take care of him. Pankhudi leaves. Avantika sees Ayush’s painting and he keeps a place for Harish, as he is annoyed with her. She thinks.

Harish calls Adi and says who informed the media, how is Avantika, it will be tough for her, take care of her. Adi tells Pankhudi that life is unpredictable. Pankhudi says yes, we have to face it. Shanky says media came to talk to Avantika. Adi says I will handle them. Pankhudi says handle well, don’t get angry. He says I can’t let them talk to mum. They go out to talk to reporters. They ask is Ayush Avantika’s son? Adi says calm down, Diwaan Mansion always kept personal life away from media. They ask him to call Avantika.

Everyone come out. They ask Avantika, the city mayor to comment is this son illegitimate, they have to answer us, it means she had an affair, don’t run. Adi starts bearing them. Avantika stops Adi. Payal looks on. They ask Avantika about her affair before marriage. Avantika looks on.

Avantika talks to Mr. Singh and asks her to know duties of the chair, and she has to resign from her post as people will point on her character. Avantika stops Adi from saying anything.
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Friday, 24 October 2014

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 24th October 2014 Written Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 24th October 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Avantika saying Adi to help them in finding Ayush. She says we won’t call police, as kidnappers can harm him, I will give away anything to save Ayush. Rubel asks Adi to stay here till this matter get solved. Adi agrees. Avantika feels like fainting. Adi holds her and asks her to come to the room. She says I m fine. He says you are not, come. He takes her. Adi brings her to the room ad makes her sit. He gives her water. He starts leaving. Avantika says don’t you have 10mins for your mum, I know I should be punished. Adi says don’t worry, we will get Ayush. She says I know you will find him. She asks will you. He says you take care, I will just come.

He gets Harish’s call. Harish asks about Ayush and Avantika. Adi says she is stressed, she is attached to Ayush. Harish asks Adi to take care of Avantika, and her BP gets high. Adi says please you don’t take stress, I m here, I will keep updating you. Pankhudi comes to Adi and asks why is he doing this, will he punish her for supporting mum. He says I did not stop you ever, but you should have not hide it. She says would truth change. He says no, we would have not reacted this time, damage is done and nothing can change now. Anuj says what to do, we can’t inform police. Adi says we have to wait for the call.

Adi gets the call. The kidnapper says Ayush is with us. Adi asks how can I be sure. Ayush shouts for help. Adi says don’t harm Ayush, I will give you anything. He asks what do you want. He says wait for next call. Adi says we can’t wait now, we have to do anything. He asks Rubel to call Chandan who can help us in tracking. Rubel says yes, I will ask him, forward me the numbers. Sheela says Adi, Avantika is calling you and Pankhudi. They come to Avantika. She asks about the call. Adi says not yet. She asks him sit holding his hand. She signs Pankhudi to come.

She says don’t get angry on Pankhudi, its my mistake, I should have trusted Harish and told him everything. Adi asks her to rest. Avantika asks did kidnappers call. Adi says its dad’s call. Harish asks Adi how is Avantika. Adi looks at her and says mum is fine. I m with her, I will call you back. Avantika says I have lost everything. She cries. Adi says I will be back and leaves. Payal talks to someone and says keep me informed. Sheela comes to her and Payal is shocked.

Sheela asks with whom is she talking. Payal says how does it matter. Sheela says what happened to you, I don’t like this behavior, why are you fighting with family always. Payal smiles and says you came to give me lecture, why are you concerned about Ayush, its good he is gone, he is unwanted burden. Sheela says did you kidnap him. She says see Payal, you are my bahu, don’t do anything, that ruins my and my family name. Payal says wow, you are worried today, you wanted to break the family till now and advising me now. Sheela says be in limits. Payal says what limits, and talks about Avantika’s illegitimate son. Sheela shouts Payal and slaps her. She says Avantika is your Bua, she is elder, talk with respect. She says remember, I won’t feel bad to slap you again. She leaves.
Adi gets the kidnapper’s call. The man says you won’t reach us by tracing number. Adi says sorry, we won’t do that, tell me what you want. The man says Rs 50 lakhs cash. Adi says where to send. The man says a car is outside your house, reach in one hour to us by the car. Adi tells Pankhudi. She says what will we do. He says we can’t inform police, I will arrange money and go. Adi tells Rubel that he needs the money. Rubel says who will go. Adi says I will go, car is outside. Rubel says we can’t risk your life. Adi says nothing will happen, does Ayush’s life not imp. Rubel says he is not a family member. Adi says Ayush is son of this house, he is your brother.

Sheela tells Avantika that Adi wants to go alone. Avantika says you won’t go alone, I can’t put my other son in danger. Adi says I have to go for you. I promise you Ayush will come safe. Avantika says I want my two sons safe. Anuj says I will come along. Adi says kidnappers are following us. Sheela says yes, we don’t know who will inform them. Pankhudi says she will come. Adi says its not picnic. She insists. Adi says come. Rubel says all the best, keep me posted. Sheela looks at Payal. Adi and Pankhudi get the money bad and see the car. She says she is coming with him. He gets the yellow chit in car and reads the address.

He says 35mins now, we need to rush. Rubel says he can’t wait, he has to go. Payal says where will you go. Rubel says I will follow Adi’s car, if Adi can risk his life for Ayush, I can risk my life for Adi. Avantika says she will go with Rubel. They don’t allow her. She says I can’t put you in danger. They leave. Anuj gets Harish’s call and says we have to tell him the truth. Pankhudi asks Adi not to worry. Adi asks her to go home, its risky. She says she won’t leave him alone. He says he is not a hero and can’t save her from problems. She says you are my hero, even if you can’t fight 10 goons. Adi apologizes to her for being angry on her. She says its my mistake, I should have told you everything.

Adi and Pankhudi come to find Ayush. Pankhudi sees the blood stained clothes and says did they do something to him. Adi says no and sees Ayush sitting there. Ayush smiles. Adi and Pankhudi rush to free him. Adi asks is he fine, and hugs him. He says thank God you are safe. Ayush starts laughing. Adi and Pankhudi are shocked.

Harish tells Adi that he is happy that he accepted Ayush and Avantika, but for me, I have just one son. Avantika looks on.
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Thursday, 23 October 2014

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 23rd October 2014 Written Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 23rd October 2014 Written Update
The Episode starts with Pankhudi asking Shanky to take care of Adi and Harish. Avantika makes Ayush have food. Payal comes to Avantika and asks what did she decide about Ayush. Avantika says whats there to decide, Ayush is my son and he is son of Diwaan Mansion too. Payal says but everything is ruining because of Ayush, whats the point. Avantika says its my problem, I shall see I find the solution, I will see to it its for both my kids, you may leave now. Payal leaves. Rubel asks Payal what happened. Payal says Adi left the home without Pankhudi, everything ended in between Avantika and Harish, I m scared of Ayush’s presence here, this is so unfair, the legal heir is out and this illegitimate son is enjoying here. Avantika says mind your tongue Payal, tell me what you have to.

Payal argues. Pankhudi comes and asks Payal whats her problem, why is she overreacting. Payal says you told me to take harsh decision to keep family united, Ayush is the reason for our home breaking. Avantika says she is quiet, it does not mean Payal can say anything, Adi and Harish have issues, I will sort them, its my head ache, you don’t stress about it. Payal says I m sorry, you have to understand our life is being hell because of you and your son. Avantika says fine, I won’t make it hell. Rubel says enough now, I m sorry, but Payal is right, Ayush is the reason of all problems in this house.

He says since he came here, everything is gone for loss, all fights between us. He says how can she hurt everyone for one Ayush. He says I don’t understand, how is Ayush imp than all of them. I m sorry Bua, but you won’t difference Adi and Ayush, but no one take place my brother Aditya’s place in my life, if anyone tries, I will not spare him. Anuj comes and scolds him. Payal says its because of Ayush. Anuj scolds her too. He asks her to take Rubel and go to room. Sheela sends them.

Anuj apologizes to Avantika. She says no, its fine, how is Harish. Anuj says he is fine, nothing to worry. Ayush talks to Avantika and says why is everyone troubling you so much. Pankhudi comes to them and says Maa is worried, so you should not trouble more. He says I m trying to calm her. He asks her not to cry, everything will be fine, he will pray to Lord. Avantika asks him to sleep. He says he is afraid. She says I know, I m coming. Pankhudi says don’t worry about Payal, she will accept Ayush. Avantika says its not about Ayush, its about Adi, don’t know when will he understand this.

Pankhudi says take rest, call me if you need anything. She leaves. Avantika cries. Pankhudi sees Rubel and says don’t worry. Adi will be back soon. Rubel says I m sorry, but Ayush is the reason for all this, I know you find goodness in everything, but world can think selfless like you, I can’t imagine what is Adi going through, anyways did you talk to him. She signs no. He says let me call him. Adi sees his and Pankhudi’s pics. Adi gets Rubel’s call and Rubel asks him to stay with Harish, but not leave home and Pankhudi. Adi says I know what I m doing, shall I become happy that I got one more brother, you can’t understand what dad and I are going through.

Rubel says you are acting like a coward. Adi says I don’t want to discuss and ends the call. Rubel says why is Adi being stubborn, but I know its because of Ayush. He says leave me alone Pankhudi. She says ok and leaves. Rubel says this is enough now, I have to take strong action now. Its morning, Avantika finds Ayush everywhere. Pankhudi asks where did Ayush go. Avantika says I don’t know, where can he go. Pankhudi says she will find Ayush.

Avantika wakes up Anuj and Sheela. Sheela opens the door. Avantika asks about Ayush. Anuj asks what happened. Pankhudi says Ayush is nowhere. Avantika asks Rubel and Payal. Rubel asks whats the matter. Avantika says don’t know where he went, we can’t find him. Pankhudi asks Avantika to relax. Sheela says he will be here. Shanky says Ayush is not at home. I came to know Ayush did not go out, as guards told me. Rubel says then where did he go. Anuj says I think we should inform police. Payal says no, else we have to tell Ayush’s truth and its about our family’s reputation. Avantika says should we keep quiet.

Rubel says we should find him at home again. Harish gets a tiffin from Diwaan Mansion by the driver. Adi says why does Pankhudi want to prove by this concern. Harish says its her right. Adi gets a call. Sheela says she is worried as they did not get Ayush. Payal says its good he went, he was a big pain. Sheela says don’t say this. Payal says who cares, you are giving him importance, I know you don’t love Ayush. Sheela says its not about Ayush, its about Avantika, we always fight, but we support each other in tough times.

Payal says you are saying this, this does not suit you, anyways there is no point, I m happy that idiot is gone. Avantika says watch your mouth Payal. Payal says please, I won’t spoil my day arguing with you. Sheela asks Avantika did she get Ayush. Avantika goes to Payal. Sheela says leave it, we have to find Ayush first. Rubel says where will Ayush go and why. Avantika says why will he not go if he is being blamed for everything. Payal says this is my house and I don’t regret what I told, I will say what I find right, whether you like it or not.

Anuj scolds Payal and says everyone know its your mistake. Payal says someone did the mistake 28 years ago, else Ayush would have not existed today. Everyone is shocked. Pankhudi scolds Payal. Payal says I m not sorry. Adi comes and says I have some bad news, Ayush did not go anywhere, he has been kidnapped. Everyone is shocked. Avantika says why will anyone kidnap him. Anuj asks how can you be sure. Adi says I got a call from the man who said he has Ayush. The FB shows the kidnappers calling Adi and asking him to find out in Diwaan Mansion. Adi asks what he wants. The man says wait for other call.

Anuj says how will anyone kidnap him form home. Adi says I m surprised. Payal says this was pending, when everyone knows Ayush is son of this house, then…. Avantika says stop it and cries. She asks Adi will he find his brother. Adi is quiet.

The kidnapper calls Adi and says Ayush is with them. Ayush asks for help. Adi says don’t hurt Ayush and gets tensed.
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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 22nd October 2014 Written Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 22nd October 2014 Written Update
The Episode starts with Sheela and Anuj taking care of Avantika. Sheela asks her to have food. Payal leaves saying she has imp work. Anuj asks about Ayush. Avantika says he is sleeping in room. Pankhudi says yes, I saw him sleeping, once he gets up, he will be with you. She asks her to get ready as she has to take her to Harish. Anuj says no, things may get worse. Avantika says she is right, I have to go some day. Adi cooks for Harish. Harish says he is fine. Adi says I left you alone yesterday night. He burns his hand and Harish worries for him. Adi says my wound will be fine, what about yours. He says breakfast is ready, lets have it, we will have lunch together also. Harish hugs him.

Payal asks Sheela why is she favoring Ayush and liking him. Sheela says calm down. Payal says Ayush will get equal rights in Diwaan empire. She says Rubel has to share things with him. Sheela says you are not worrying about relations, but property, bahus join homes in this time, not break, I don’t want any fight with family, go out. Sheela sees Ayush sleeping and thinks Pankhudi told her and Anuj to take care of Ayush, and Avantika and Harish.

Pankhudi says they will be sure that family is with them. She asks Sheela to think as a mum and she can understand Avantika. Sheela says I know Avantika before you, and I understand her, you can say it with a right. She says don’t worry, I will support Avantika. She smiles and praises herself. Avantika and Pankhudi come to meet Harish. Harish asks Pankhudi what she has to say. Pankhudi asks her to understand Avantika. He says he could not understand her in all these years and thought he is not suitable for Avantika, atleast he is not a liar.

Avantika says try to understand, I did not know Ayush exists. He says its not about Ayush, its about hiding this from me. She cries and says I know I was wrong, I did a mistake, please forgive me, just once. Harish asks Pankhudi to take Avantika and explain her to stop hurting me and herself, truth won’t change if she repeats the same thing. Pankhudi says I know its tough for you to accept this, is your love so weak that it breaks by a mistake. They leave.

Harish thinks about Avantika’s words. He gets cardiac pain and falls. Adi comes there with lunch and is shocked seeing him. He asks is he ok and worries. He makes him drink water. Harish is relieved and Anuj comes. He asks what happened. Harish says nothing, Avantika came and after this, I don’t feel good. Adi asks why did she come. Harish says same old things, I can’t handle it. Adi asks Anuj to be with Harish and he will be back. Pankhudi asks Avantika to relax. Payal says Harish can’t forget this till Ayush stays in this house. Avantika leaves. Pankhudi asks Payal why did she tell this. Payal says what wrong did I say.

Adi comes home in anger and asks mum where is she. Avantika comes and asks whats the matter. Adi says why did you go to dad, when you went, his health got worse. Avantika asks what happened to him. Pankhudi says she took mum there. Adi says you are making things worse. Avantika says tell me how is Harish, I will go and see him. Adi says no, you won’t go. He says I came here to inform that I m leaving Diwaan Mansion. He says I will stay with my dad from today. Everyone is shocked.

Rubel asks Adi how can he go. Adi says everyone has right to decide. Avantika asks why is he punishing Pankhudi. Adi says why did you do this then, if you want us to be happy, then stop this. Sheela stops him, but Adi leaves. Avantika says Pankhudi, its all because of me, sorry. Sheela says don’t worry, we know Adi’s anger, it will go soon. Pankhudi says yes, I hope dad is fine. Payal says see Pankhudi, all this is happening because of Ayush. Sheela talks to Anuj and asks about Harish. Anuj says he was stressed. Sheela says ok, keep us informed and tells what Adi told them.

Anuj is shocked. Sheela says if Adi comes there, try to talk to him once. Anuj says fine. Sheela tells Avantika that Harish is fine, don’t worry. Ayush comes and asks did Adi trouble again. Sheela says no. Ayush says I heard sounds. Avantika asks him to complete his painting. Ayush goes to draw. Sheela says I can understand Avantika, daughter does not feel its her Maayka after her parents die, but remember this house is yours and like Pankhudi, Anuj and I will support you. Avantika holds her hand and thanks her. Sheela says our relation is 30 years old, I want everything to be fine like before. Avantika says yes, it will be, I know.

Adi talks to Harish and Anuj. He asks Harish to take care. Harish says it happened because of stress, not Avantika. He asks Adi to respect Avantika as she is his mum. Adi says so much happened. Harish says yes I m annoyed, but it does not mean you cross your limits. Adi says he will stay here and Pankhudi cares for Avantika, so she better be there. Harish asks why are you dragging her. Adi says he decided. Shanky talks to Pankhudi. Adi calls Shanky and he asks about his items to be sent to dad’s place. Shanky says fine. Adi asks about Pankhudi. Shanky gives her the phone and Pankhudi hears Adi scolding him saying he does not want to talk to her. She gets upset and cries. She says Shanky will pack your things, talk to him. Adi feels bad.

Rubel says I m sorry, but Payal is saying right, Ayush is the reason of all problems in this house. Everyone looks on.
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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 21st October 2014 Written Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 21st October 2014 Written Update
The Episode starts with Harish being on the way. Adi calls him and says he will come to him. Harish says he wants to be alone, he is not in a state to talk to anyone. Adi says fine dad, I won’t come, but please take care of yourself. Adi thinks why did mum do this, I need answers. Avantika and Pankhudi come to Ayush. Ayush says Maa and hugs her. He asks why is she crying, I won’t leave you now, promise, you also make a promise you won’t leave me. Avantika promises him. Mrs. Verma says I know a mum can’t stop hearing her motherly voice for long. She says I know Avantika will have a tough way not, but it can’t break a mum.

Avantika asks Pankhudi to pack Ayush’s bag as he will stay in Diwaan Mansion now, with his mum, will he come with me. Ayush nods yes. She smiles. Ayush asks Mrs. Verma to come. Mrs. Verma says no, your mum will always be with you. Mrs. Verma says she will leave now. Pankhudi requests her to stay with them, as she will take care of her. Mrs. Verma says no, my work is over, now don’t stop me, take care of Ayush.

Sheela talks to Anuj, Rubel and Payal about Nana ji not telling anyone about Avantika’s pregnancy. Anuj says whats the use to think now, what could dad do that time, this was the best solution to save Avantika. Rubel says we did not know this will come out after 28 years. Payal says its good Mrs. Verma is a nice lady, else she could have used Ayush. Sheela says yes, I don’t think its anyone’s mistake. Payal says I think we should not interfere in this matter. Rubel says we are family. Sheela says Ayush is the son of this house.

Adi comes home and Pankhudi wants to talk to him. He says you can’t understand what I m going through, I will talk to my mum. She says who are you to ask her. He says I m her son, I will ask for my dad, did she not trust dad. Pankhudi says sometimes we can’t say it, like I knew it yesterday but could not tell you, it does not mean I don’t trust you. Adi is stunned and scolds her. Adi leaves. Avantika is with Ayush and thinks about Harish’s words. She thinks even Adi did not support her. Adi comes to her and sees her with Ayush sleeping on her lap. Pankhudi comes there too. Adi gets annoyed and leaves. Ayush wakes up. Pankhudi says I will talk to Adi and leaves. Avantika cries. Ayush asks why is she crying, I know everyone is troubling you, I will scold everyone, please don’t cry.

Harish comes his home and sees the flower bouquets at the door. He cries and says what happy anniversary. He throws the bouquet and gets inside. Pankhudi comes to Adi. She says I m sorry, you can scold me, but don’t leave mum alone, she needs her children. Adi says you are with her and now she has her son too, she does not need me. He says he can’t be great like her. She says pain gets less when its shared. He says what will I have to share. Ayush holds Avantika’s hand and pacifies her seeing her crying. He says he will get anything for her, icecream, choc. She says I don’t want anything. He says why are you crying, as Adi scolded you.

He says I will scold Adi and come. Avantika gets hurt and tries to stop him. Adi throws things in his room. Pankhudi asks him to accept the truth. Ayush comes and asks Adi to apologize to Avantika. He says mum is crying. Adi starts going and Ayush falls by stepping on the deo bottle. Avantika comes and scolds Adi for hurting Ayush. She asks are you ok my son. Ayush says he fell by the items on the floor. Avantika says Adi, don’t get me wrong, I m sorry. Adi leaves. Ayush says Adi will say you sorry, I promise. Pankhudi asks her to give some time to Adi. Avantika says I know you are there for Adi, but Harish is alone, promise me you will take care of him. She asks Pankhudi to help her. She hugs Pankhudi and cries.

Payal asks Rubel will Ayush stay in this house. Rubel says yes, he is Avantika’s son and our brother. She says will Harish accept her. Rubel says we can’t let Ayush go. Payal asks him to think about Adi, when society knows this, what about our reputation, the Diwaan Empire will have three shares now. Rubel says you won’t change ever, always money and property. Adi comes and hears them. Rubel asks Adi to come. He says lets have dinner first and asks Payal to arrange dinner. She leaves. Rubel tells Adi that we don’t know who is right and who is wrong, it will complicate things, the best thing is to solve this problem. Adi cries and hugs Rubel. Pankhudi comes to them. Rubel says I will help Payal, you both sit. Adi says you know what will happen after this, there is no use to discuss. He says mum scolded me for Ayush. Pankhudi says why are you thinking wrong way, she realized her mistake. Adi says its better if we don’t talk. He gets annoyed and leaves. Pankhudi thinks of his words and gets upset.

Pankhudi argues with Adi defending Avantika. Adi says he is leaving Diwaan Mansion. Everyone is shocked..
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Monday, 20 October 2014

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 20th October 2014 Written Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 20th October 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ayush telling Amma that Avantika is his mum, as the ring is fit. He hugs her. Adi says aunty explain him, Avantika is not her mum. Sheela says I think its Ayush and his Amma’s plan. Rubel calms down Sheela and asks Mrs. Verma to take Ayush. Payal says they have to leave Diwaan Mansion now. Sheela scolds Mrs. Verma. Avantika cries. Mrs. Verma takes Ayush and asks him to come. She says I came here to give a son to a mum, but going with an orphan now, from a coward’s home. Ayush says he won’t go. Avantika cries and shouts stop……….

Everyone look at her. Avantika says stop, he is my son. Harish and everyone are shocked. He falls in his feet and cries. She says he is my son. She runs to Ayush and says Ayush is my son. Ayush says Maa and hugs her. Adi says mom, what are you saying, don’t feel pressurized, no need to lie. Avantika says its true. Harish says whats this Avantika. Avantika says let me complete please. Sheela says how can this be, no one knew this. Avantika says dad knew it. Adi says mum, what the hell are you saying……. He asks Pankhudi to say something, if Lord tell me this, I can’t believe this, as mum can’t break dad’s trust. He tells Harish that mom is lying. Avantika says I m not lying, let me speak once.

Pankhudi says let mom speak please. Avantika says I m sorry to let you down Harish. She says she met Amit Sharma before meeting Harish, we loved each other and wanted to marry, he died in an accident, I was taken to hospital and dad came to know I was pregnant. She says it was not easy for dad, he did not have any option and Anuj might remember that dad enrolled me in course in Delhi, to made me deliver my son, I delivered the baby and dad said my son was dead and have to start my life, I came to Mumbai and met Harish.

Sheela says but why did dad lie to you. Mrs. Verma says Purshottam ji knew Avantika would have leave the son and her life would have ruined, so he gave the baby boy to me, I went far from Mumbai and he made a trust on Ayush’s name and sent me money every month. Rubel says we gave money to Ayush foundation. Sheela says how did we not know this at home. Mrs. Verma says you want proof, I will give it. She shows the papers which has Ayush’s birth certificate and foundation money details. Adi drops the papers being shocked.

Payal says whats the ring matter. Mrs. Verma says the ring was bought for Avantika by Ayush’s dad, but could not give her, he died and Purshottam gave the ring to Ayush as a souvenir. Pankhudi asks why did you come after many years. Mrs. Verma says he is not normal like others, he needs someone always, I came to know I have cancer and I came to give Ayush to Avantika, I don’t have much time now. Ayush says Amma, cancer, we will go to doctor and I will pray for you. Mrs. Verma says I will be fine. She says I broke my promise thinking Ayush will be alone in life after I die.

She asks Avantika to forgive her, as she took the wrong way but her intention was good. She says I want you to give Ayush his family. She says I know you need to talk to your family, I will take Ayush to his room. Adi and Harish cry. Mrs. Verma asks Ayush to come with her, and she has hope that this family will accept him. Ayush says no, my mum will leave me alone. Mrs. Verma says no, she won’t leave you now, come with me. She takes him to outhouse. Avantika says Harish…………. Harish says no Avantika, I don’t want any explanation.

He says I cursed myself for 30 years thinking what mistake I did that my Avantika left me and came her home, I wanted to change myself and keep you happy, now look at you, the idol of honesty, the woman who hates lie, has hidden this from us. He says you should have told me before, it was my right to know, if Ayush did not tell me, I would have died without knowing your truth. She says no, don’t say this. He says he is dead now knowing all this. Avantika says I m sorry. He says our relation looks fake to me.

Pankhudi says please understand, mum did not know the baby was alive. Harish says she knew she had a child, she had an affair and she got pregnant, why did she not tell this to me. He says I told you our past will not affect our future, I did not know your past will come like this, alive. Avantika says its not like that, I forgot this with time. He says I would have accepted it earlier, but not now. Avantika cries. Pankhudi says dad, mom needs you. Harish says shut up Pankhudi, you won’t tell anything today. He say when your mom needs me, I was always behind her, what gift she gave me on our anniversary, thanks Avantika for making a fool out of me. Harish leaves.

Avantika asks Adi to talk to Harish. Adi says what should I tell him, that mum has hidden such a big thing from him. Pankhudi says we can’t decide whats right or wrong, she is going through pain. Adi says mum did wrong with dad. Avantika says no Adi, please…………… don’t go leaving me. Adi says I respected you more than dad, and this time my dad needs me. Adi leaves. Avantika cries breaking down. Pankhudi holds her and cries.

Adi and Pankhudi have an argument. Pankhudi says I came to know it yesterday and I did not tell it to you. Adi is shocked and gets angry as she did not share this with him.
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Saturday, 18 October 2014

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 18th October 2014 Written Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 18th October 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ayush and Rubel having a talk. Adi sees a lady outside Diwaan Mansion and asks whom she wants to meet. Mrs. Verma says she wants to meet Ayush, as she is his Amma. Adi is shocked. Ayush talks to Sheela and jokes on her. Pankhudi thinks Avantika is not taking call and her 24 hours deadline is getting over. Adi says Ayush, see who I got, your Amma. Ayush hugs her. Pankhudi is shocked. Avantika thinks what to do, Mrs. Verma won’t be quiet. Harish comes to her and says some shayari lines. He gives her a bouquet of roses and she smiles. He hugs her. Avantika gets Pankhudi’s call and does not take her call. She thinks she just want to be alone today. Pankhudi wants to talk to her. Harish brings Avantika to Diwaan Mansion as her surprise dinner party is inside.

She says why did we come here, we were supposed to go to a restaurant. He says how can our day be special without family. They come in and see its dark. He says I did not plan this. Adi comes and lights get on. Everyone say happy anniversary and hugs them. Avantika hugs Pankhudi. Harish says I m impressed, you all surprised me. Adi says there are many more to come. Ayush comes to them. Avantika looks at him. Ayush calls out his Amma. Avantika is shocked seeing Mrs Verma at home.

Mrs. Verma says Ayush went out and did not come back home, so I found him here as told by villagers. Avantika goes. Mrs. Verma thanks them for taking care of Ayush. Sheela tells Payal why are they keeping Ayush. Mrs. Verma asks Pankhudi about washroom, as she wants to talk to Avantika. Pankhudi thinks aunty went to talk to mum, I have to find anyone from going there. Avantika thinks about Mrs. Verma’s words. Mrs. Verma comes to Avantika and says your time is going to be up, I hope we don’t need to do anything, tell the truth to everyone, I m going out, everyone is waiting. Sbhe leaves.

Avantika comes out and sees Ayush with the ring. Adi talks on mic calling his parents the best mum and dad in the world. He asks Harish to say few words for his mum. Harish speaks good about Avantika and says he loves her a lot, and respects her more. Everyone claps for him. He says we have seen enough in all this years, and I want to see the world with you now. He gives her world tour ticket and asks her to accept it. Everyone smile.

Adi says I also have a gift for you. He brings a small trunk and says it has their life’s old achievement’s pics. Adi says he is the biggest achievement of them, and tells Pankhudi that they are lucky to be a single child to their parents and did not share their love with anyone. He says I have one more surprise, Ayush. Adi calls Ayush to come and show the sketch he prepared, don’t be afraid of my mum, think she is your mum. Ayush gives the gift to Harish. He laughs seeing it, Harish and Avantika’s sketch. Adi laughs too. Avantika sees it and cries. Harish thanks Ayush.

He says he has a last gift before they cut cake. He makes her wear a diamond ring. Ayush looks for his ring and does not find it. He says my ring…. Where it my ring go. Its lost. Rubel says we will find it. Ayush says I want it now. They all try finding it. Avantika gets it and Ayush gets afraid of her. Adi says my mum won’t eat you, don’t be afraid. Ayush puts the ring in Avantika’s hand and says the ring is fit Amma, she is my Maa. He says she is my Maa and hugs Avantika. Everyone is shocked. Avantika cries.

Amma asks Ayush to come. Avantika stops them and tells Harish that Ayush is her so. She cries and holds Harish. Everyone is shocked.
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Thursday, 16 October 2014

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 16th October 2014 Written Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 16th October 2014 Written Update
The Episode starts with Adi shocking Harish by meeting him. He reminds Harish about Avantika and his anniversary tomorrow. Harish jokes and says its me. Harish says I remember. Adi asks what surprise he prepared. Harish says he thought something, but find out is his mum free or not. Adi says she will be free for you. Harish says fine. Adi says mum looked stressed, she got the old newspaper. Harish says leave it, she deals with old cases. Avantika asks Chopra to find out soon. Harish says just family this time, you, me and mum. Adi says what else. Harish says no party, food, dance. Adi says what else. Harish says enough. Adi asks whom is he messaging. Harish says I m replying Mitali, she is my friend, I helped her in getting home and she is saying thanks.

Adi asks its something fishy. Harish says no, she is your dad’s ex. Adi says oh, shall I tell mum. Harish says go say, she knows, I tried making her jealous, but she was not. Adi laughs and says I m impressed, mum trusts you a lot. Harish says I know she loves me. Adi says yes, she is my mum, she is best, I did not see a straight forward and honest person like her, I wish I was like her. Pankhudi thinks to find out about Ayush’s family and checks his bag telling him she will arrange things in the cupboard.

He sees her phone and takes selfies as she taught him. He says he has to see his pic and she shows him gallery. He says its not good pic, this one is good. She thinks maybe this diary has some address or name. Ayush says Amma seeing a pic. She asks whom is he calling Amma. He shows a lady’s pic and says Amma. The pic was taken when they clicked the kids pic on the road. He says I will get her. She says she is not here. I will help you, promise. He says fine. She thinks who can this lady be, and why did she not come here and keeping an eye on him.

She takes him out and wants to find out about his family. She asks driver to take them to main road and then she will say where to go. She thinks Ayush’s Amma can follow them. Ayush says when will we reach Amma. She says we will go home, we will get Adi tomorrow. She sees the lady passing by in an auto and is shocked. She says she can be alert if I stop the car, what to do now. She comes back home and asks Shanky to take Ayush, she will come. The lady goes to Dharamshala.

Pankhudi follows her. Avantika comes to meet that lady. She says oh, you reached me, but you did not identify me, as we met after 29 years. Pankhudi looks on. Avantika says Mrs Verma. The lady says you remember my name. Avantika asks what do you want from me. She says come, lets sit and talk. Avantika talks to her. Pankhudi hides thinking whats mum doing here. The lady closes the door and asks Avantika can she hear the truth. Pankhudi tries to hear.

Avantika says she can’t forget that night. Mrs. Verma tells everything. Avantika is shocked. Pankhudi hears them. Avantika asks what does she want. Mrs. Verma asks her to agree to her conditions. Harish and Adi still talk about surprising Avantika. Harish says he planned world tour for him and Avantika. He asks Adi to convince her for the trip. Adi says it will be done, so decided, party in Diwaan Mansion. Harish asks him to take Payal’s permission. Avantika cries. Mrs. Verma says you have 24 hours, else I will come to Diwaan Mansion and make my condition agreed. Avantika leaves and is shocked seeing Pankhudi standing outside.

Pankhudi asks Avantika to talk to her. Avantika says leave me alone. Pankhudi says you can’t run like this. Avantika says you want me to celebrate for this. She cries looking at Pankhudi.
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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 15th October 2014 Written Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 15th October 2014 Written Update
The Episode starts with Avantika seeing the newspaper. Sheela comes to her and she hides the paper. She asks Avantika to talk to Adi and Pankhudi about Ayush, to shift him to hospital as she is worried for Rubel. Avantika says if Pankhudi took his responsibility, then she will see to it that Ayush does not harm anyone. Sheela leaves. Avantika thinks who is this sender. Pankhudi and Adi bring Ayush to the doctor. Ayush plays the drums. The doctor talks to Ayush and asks him to play a song for him. Ayush plays music and doctor suggests some tests for him. He says he looks like having bad past and family problem, try to know about him. Adi says he has to find out about Ayush’s background.

She says but how, no one knows about him. Adi says I will try and talks to Ayush. He praises the ring and asks whose ring is it. Ayush asks him to teach rhythm. Shanky says Adi, some people from office came. Adi says fine, I will come. He asks Pankhudi to take care of Ayush. She says I think there is someone who can tell us about Ayush. Avantika walks and her papers fall. Harish comes and helps her. She says I have a meeting and I have to rush, sorry. Pankhudi talks to Mama ji and asks him to find out about Ayush’s family.

Mama ji says I will find everything. Ayush asks for tennis balls. She says wait and brings the balls. She says don’t play at home, we will go out and play. She talks to Mama ji for long and Ayush goes out. Adi and Rubel attend the meeting. Adi asks them to contact Rubel for the proceedings. Sheela sits there. Ayush plays with the ball and it hits the juice glass. She gets angry on Ayush and asks Adi did thye keep him here for his madness. Adi asks the staff men to go.

Everyone try to stop Ayush, but he does not hear. The ball hits Payal’s cheek. She gets angry. She scolds him. Pankhudi says sorry, its my mistake. She asks Ayush to go out and play. Adi says lets play a match and see who wins. Rubel says I will come as referee. Harish calms down Sheela. Payal looks at Pankhudi and leaves. Pankhudi goes to her and apologizes. Payal angrily argues with her about her decisions. She asks her to keep Ayush in outhouse and nothing should repeat with Rubel. Pankhudi says fine, but understand his state. Avantika thinks about the lady’s words. She drinks water bring tensed and leaves.

Ayush talks to Rubel and says he will heal him, by praying to God. He asks Rubel to come with him. He makes Rubel sit and prays for him. Rubel smiles. Everyone looks on. Ayush uses his healing powers on Rubel’s leg. He asks Rubel is he feeling better. Rubel stands and says yes. Ayush says he will pray for him daily and his pain will go. Pankhudi asks Shanky to take Rubel to the room. Payal smiles and says Ayush can stay here in Diwaan Mansion. She leaves. Avantika comes home and the ball hits her file. The papers falls and Adi picks it. Avantika takes it back and leaves. Adi thinks why is mum stressed by that paper cutting.

Ayush starts getting head ache and Pankhudi gets worried. She asks did he get head ache before. He says yes, sometimes, when I pray to Lord for others, Lord takes my test and I pass every time. She thinks he healed Rubel’s pain and asks him to take rest. He asks her to stay as he will be bored. She says she will take him to have icecream. Sheela comes to Rubel and Payal and is angry as Avantika kicked her out. Rubel tells what Ayush did. Sheela asks what did I do. Ayush gives icecream to school kids. Pankhudi smiles. He asks her to click his pic with kids. She takes a pic and smiles. He asks the kids to go home and he will meet tomorrow. Pankhudi says lets go home.

Ayush says what will we do there. She says she will teach him to take selfie. He asks what is it. She says I will show you at home. She thinks she will find out about his family. Avantika asks Mr Chopra to track the phone calls and courier. She says I want that person, if you did not give me any clue, then I m hiring another private agency. She thinks she wants the answers right now.

Pankhudi gets a diary and checks it. Ayush says Amma and shows a pic. She is shocked.
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