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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 25th July 2014 Written Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 25th July 2014 Written Update
The Episode starts with Avantika being called to declare their winner. Sonali taunts Avantika that Ayesha is smart to copy someone design and label it as hers. Adi and Harish hear this. Adi defends Ayesha. Avantika says don’t create an issue here. Ayesha is upset. Avantika goes to announce the winner of the competition. Sheela talks to everyone and says you have seen who did original work and who copied. Everyone say the winner is Payal. Avantika says yes, Mrs Payal Diwaan. Sheela smiles. Adi says its ok Ayesha, I know you did not copy, you are the winner for me. Ayesha thanks him.

Payal comes on stage happily and hugs Sheela and Avantika. She thanks everyone for support and Sheela for her help. She thanks Rubel for being world’s best husband. He kisses her hand and Ayesha smiles. Adi talks to Bau ji and says great idea, I will call you later. Adi says congrats Payal. Sheela says my friend wants to meet Payal and taunts Ayesha. Avantika says don’t be so blind Adi, accept what you have seen. Adi says Ayesha did not copy designs. Avantika says stop defending, thanks for changing the color. Harish too defends Ayesha and Avantika leaves.

Harish asks Ayesha not to worry. Adi leaves seeing him. Harish thanks her for trying to make things good between him and Adi, but he is Avantika’s shadow and won’t agree so easily. Ayesha thinks she will make Adi agree. Sheela is happy and says see Ayesha what I do. Payal joins her. Sheela reminds Payal of her condition that she will design all sarees of her boutique. Payal says do you knowledge about today’s designs. Payal says store will close before it opens. Sheela says if I can make you win, I can expose you too. Payal says I was joking, do what you want to.

Anuj says some business issue is there. Payal leaves. Sheela is very happy. Anuj is worried. Ayesha thinks about everyone and says sorry Adi, I wanted to win this show for you, but then Rubel and Payal’s relation would have lost. She stands at the ramp and looks on. Ayesha talks to Pankhudi’s pic and says I understood I can work very fast when time comes, and Sheela is good in taking wrong paths, I know Sheela copied my dress, but its fine, maybe she wants to save Rubel and Payal’s relation like me. She turns and sees Adi. He comes in and sees the new dress Ayesha made.

He asks her when did she make this. She says yesterday. He says I know you were busy today, you won’t make it for timepass, whats the matter. Ayesha says nothing. She says maybe its coincidence. He says fine, I won’t force, I know you won’t do cheating, maybe there was something wrong. She says its enough for me. Adi says you are winner for me. He asks her to sleep and he will sleep in morning. She asks why. He says my sleep comes in morning, if I start requesting now. He says I m hungry. She asks shall I make something. He says no, I will manage.

She says I will make noodles. She makes noodles for him and talks to him. He says he loved noodles a lot. The plate falls as she serves and the noodles are on the ground. Avantika asks who is there. Ayesha asks him to hide, as she will scold if she sees them together. Avantika comes and asks whats this mess. Ayesha says noodles fell, I was hungry. Their heads bumps. Ayesha asks will you have it. Avantika says clean it now. She leaves. Adi asks why did you hide me.

Ayesha gives him noodles and they eat together from one plate. Pyaar nai dosti hai…………….plays………… She looks at him. He says really nice. Pyaar ka dard hai meetha meetha pyara pyara ……………plays………… She smiles seeing him having noodles like a small kid. Bau ji calls Adi and says I invited Nani too, but she can’t come. Adi says I m coming. Bau ji asks about Ayesha. Adi says I will come. Bau ji says fine and ends the call. Adi tells Ayesha that he is going Kullu, for Pankhudi’s trust. Ayesha says he should have asked me whether I want to come or not.

Ayesha packs her bag and tells Pankhudi about the trust opening on her name and she will also go. Adi says he is going Kullu. She asks will you not get bored. He says no, come out, I have to share something with family. Rubel gives the cheque to Payal and she is glad. Sheela takes the cheque and says I will keep it. Sheela asks Avantika to give it to Payal by her hands. Avantika says congrats Payal, I m sure you will use this well. Adi comes with Ayesha and says I decided I will fulfill Ayesha’s dream, I will invest in her store. Everyone is shocked.

Adi defends Ayesha. Avantika says fine, we will find it out if Adi wants. Sheela gets tensed.

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Thursday, 24 July 2014

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 24th July 2014 Written Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 24th July 2014 Written Update
The Episode starts with Sheela and Payal talking about Ayesha, and where are her models. Rubel and Anuj ask about Harish and Adi. Ayesha says they are together working for me. Anuj smiles. Nafisa comes. Ayesha says I asked Nafisa to come here for my work. Rubel leaves. Payal and Sheela see Nafisa. Ayesha says thanks for coming. Payal says what is she doing here. Sheela says don’t do anything, it will be bad for Ayesha in sometime. Rakhi comes with her daughter. Ayesha says she is my guest and came to help me. Payal asks who is she. Sheela says she is Harish’s friend Rakhi. Payal asks why is she here. Sheela says don’t know. Sheela asks Rubel about Harish and Adi. He says they are helping Adi. Payal says I m so happy that I got Rubel back today, it’s a win for me.

Sheela says you have to win competition too. She says what is everyone doing to help Ayesha. Avantika comes home and sees the decorations. Anuj says what a pleasant surprise, I thought you won’t come. Avantika says I came for Adi’s sake, where is Harish. Anuj says Harish and Adi are busy with Ayesha. Ayesha thanks her for coming and smiles. She says now it won’t matter whatever happens. Sheela thanks her friend Sonali. Ayesha comes and Sheela introduces her to Sonali. Rubel says decide whose show will be first. Ayesha is shocked to see her show stopper design copied as Sonali is wearing its duplica. Payal asks what happened Ayesha, I feel you need some more time, its ok. Rubel I will go first. Rubel says come, lets go.

Ayesha thinks how can this happen, what should I do now. She sees her dress and says how can she wear some dress, same fabric, just color is different, I have to win for Adi. The show begins and everyone claps. Ayesha says I have to make another dress ready and win. She begins designing a new one. Anuj says I m happy seeing this celebration. Avantika says where is Adi and Harish. Payal brings her collection titles Touch of India. The modelss does the rampwalk and Rubel is very happy with the designs. Ayesha says how will I make new dress in so less time, but I have to win to keep Adi’s trust.

Payal comes wearing the show stopper dress and looks stunning. Everyone smile seeing her and clap. Avantika hugs Payal. Rubel says I m so happy, the show was very marvelous. Payal says Ayesha’s show still has to happen. Rubel asks where is Ayesha. Sheela asks Rubel to start her show. Rubel says she needs some time. Payal says its ok, small things happens. Sheela says ask Ayesha to start the show or accept that she lost. Rubel says I will go and see her.

Ayesha is ready with her new dress. Payal stops him and asks is he supporting Ayesha. He says no, everyone is waiting for her. Ayesha says I will change fast. Payal says I felt bad seeing Nafisa, I want to trust you, but Nafisa created misunderstanding between us, I feel insecure seeing her here. I m doing this for you, I saw concern in your eyes for me, I don’t want to lose it, I want to win only for you, not to get a store. Ayesha hears this. Rubel says Nafisa was past, forget her, and the result will not affect my love for you. Rubel hugs her.

He says lets not waste time. Ayesha locks the door. Rubel knocks the door. He says Payal’s show is over, we are waiting. She says I will come, just start the show. He wishes her all the best. Ayesha thinks which one to wear now, as she wants Payal to win.She takes both the dresses in her hands and thinks. Avantika thinks where is Adi and Harish, I hope everything is fine. Adi makes an entry on the ramp and everyone is surprised seeing him. Adi says presenting to you Old wine in new bottle collection by Ayesha Kumar. Rakhi and her daughter start the show by their act. Next comes Shanky. Everyone smile.

Nafisa too looks stunning and walks the ramp. Adi plays flute and walks the ramp. He looks super cool. Next comes Harish. Avantika is really happy. Ayesha wears the old design which she made first and Sheela copied. Sheela shows Sonali’s dress to Avantika and Avantika looks shocked. Jaye kahan ye batade tere bina……………….plays…………….Everyone clap for Ayesha.

Sonali taunts Avantika saying Ayesha copied the design. Adi hears this.
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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 23rd July 2014 Written Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 23rd July 2014 Written Update
The Episode starts with Sheela and Payal coming to meet Rocky. He says you are two hours late. Sheela asks about her costumes. She asks him to see this dress made by Ayesha and make similar one. Rocky says wow, so pretty, who made this. Payal likes the dresses. Rocky says pay me Rs 20000 more for waiting and Rs 50000 for bearing Sheela. Sheela says I m leaving him today. She says he will copy Ayesha’s dress and then my friend will wear it in the show, and her dress will be common and if the showstopper dress is common, it means we will win. Payal smiles. Sheela says hurry up, lets go home. They come back home. Sheela says I will keep Ayesha’s dress back in her room. Avantika sees them and they are shocked seeing her.

Avantika asks where are you guys coming from. Sheela says we went to get dresses from tailors. Ayesha wakes up and comes there. Ayesha asks here where did they go. Sheela says why do you want to know, you want to copy Payal’s designs. She taunts Ayesha. Ayesha says I m not interested for Payal’s dress, my tailor is coming to deliver dresses so I came here. Sheela says fine, we will go and sleep. Payal says how will we keep this dress back. Sheela says you make her busy, till then I will keep this box back. Ayesha thinks where will the box go, I m overthinking. Payal makes Ayesha in her talk. She says I will win tomorrow. Ayesha says lets wait and see.

Sheela keeps the box back. Ayesha comes back to her room and says why is the box here, I kept the dress good, I m so careless. Its morning, Adi greets Avantika and asks where is she going. She says I have some responsibilities and I don’t want run away from them. He asks her to come in the evening show for him. She says stop being filmi. He says this day is important for me and Ayesha. He says it’s a test of my trust, its my dream for Ayesha. He says if you are with me, I will feel strong, I know you will come. He holds her hand and she leaves.

Bau ji calls Adi. Adi is happy about trust on Pankhudi’s name for girls education and asks Adi and Ayesha to come here. Ambika hears this and Bau ji says I called Adi and Ayesha here, if they come, they will stay with us. Ambika says I can’t see Ayesha here. Bau ji says fine, we will talk later. Ayesha comes to Adi and says she is nervous. He asks her to divert her mind. She asks him to sing a song. Adi is stunned and says ok. He says don’t look at me and sings Chahunga mai tujhe saanjh sawere……… Ayesha laughs seeing him sing so bad.

She says I m not nervous now, but I won’t to come to you next time. He says I did the effort, you know I never sang, not even for Pankhudi, but I know I don’t sing so bad. She says fine, I have some work, come. Shanky comes to Rubel and talks about arrangements. Payal comes with her models and asks them to try their costumes. She asks Rubel and Shanky not to stare at the models. Rubel says yes, we won’t see them. Sheela says I know boys, fine you can be here, as I will teach everyone how to rampwalk. Payal says really? Sheela says she won beauty contest for her village five times and says she will show the catwalk.

She walks and is about to fall. Payal says careful. Sheela says it happens sometimes. Everyone claps. Rubel says they learnt a lot, now let them practice. Sheela tells Payal that Rocky will deliver the dress to Sonali and she will come here wearing the dress. Payal says sorry Ayesha, your show stopper dress became common before it gets revealed. Ambika tells Bau ji how will we do arrangements. Mama says we will manage. Diwakar says lets do it on Pankhudi’s birthday. Bau ji says fine, Adi is coming, I will call Harish too.

Adi says sorry Ayesha, I can’t do this. Harish says I m ready. Ayesha says think we can save money, say yes for me. Adi says fine. She asks them to see each other. She says good boys, Nafisa will come in some time. Harish says my friend’s daughter will also come. Ayesha asks will Avantika come. Harish says she won’t. Ayesha says I will call her. She calls Avantika and Avantika answers rudely. She ends the call and says she will never take Pankhudi’s place for me. Adi asks Ayesha to get ready now. Ayesha says yes, I will check arrangements too. She looks at Nanu’s pic and talks to him, seeking his blessings. Adi and Harish looks on. Ayesha says I don’t want Pankhudi’s place, but a new one for me.

Sheela acts sweet and introduces her friend Sonali to Ayesha. Ayesha is shocked to see her designs.
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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 22nd July 2014 Written Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 22nd July 2014 Written Update
The Episode starts with Sheela saying lets begin the arrangements. Sheela thinks to make Ayesha lose. Rubel wishes all the best to Payal and Ayesha. Adi tells Ayesha to make shopping list and they will do for shopping. She says no list, I have everything in mind. She asks him to go office. He says no, first I will do shopping and help you, then go to office for my meetings. Ayesha thanks him by heart. Payal tells Sheela that I have no clue about designing. Sheela says I know. Payal asks what will we do. Sheela says shopping. Payal says I can’t lose infront of Ayesha. Sheela says don’t worry, Ayesha will not win and you will not lose. She says I did all the planning, you just see how I make Ayesha lose.

Avantika says I don’t agree to this, whats the need to invite guests. He says it will be a fair decision then. She says I won’t be a part of this. He says you have good sense of fashion. She says I can’t fool around, I will see you later. He says Ayesha needs your support. She says I won’t support any, I m sure you won’t understand this. She comes to Adi and asks is he not going to office. Adi says I m going with Ayesha. Ayesha comes and says lets go Adi. Avantika says do what you want, but don’t compromise Diwaan empire reputation. She leaves. Ayesha asks Adi to go office, and she will manage alone. He says even I know to manage my work, lets go for shopping.

She says you first attend meetings then we will go for shopping. He leaves. Ambika talks to Bau ji and says I was thinking to make the kuldevi mandir door by gold. Mama says it’s a good thought. Bau ji says we don’t need any show off to remember Pankhudi, she will be in our heart, why don’t we use that money for someone’s good. She says we can adopt some orphans, do their upbringing and manage their studies, start a trust on Pankhudi’s name. Payal says Sheela, lets go for shopping. Adi and Ayesha come back from shopping. Rubel comes home.

Sheela asks why did you come early. Rubel says Adi handled everything at office, but no use to come home early. Adi asks him to go with them. Sheela says no, he will be bored. Rubel says I don’t mind to come along. Sheela says no, we will manage. Payal and Sheela start leaving. Rubel stops Payal and says call me if you need anything and hugs her. Payal smiles. Sheela says lets go. Adi and Ayesha smile. Rubel says what? She is my wife and I will support her. Adi says yes, but Ayesha will win. Rubel says lets see. Adi says all the best. Rubels says to you too.

Ayesha says she will start her design work now. She thanks him and asks him to go and finish his work. He asks did you talk to Nani. She says yes, she is fine and did not say when will she come. He says I will try to call her. He says what happened is good, looking good. She asks what. He says you shaved my beard, so its looking good. He asks what did you think. She says nothing. He says I will come after doing my work and leaves. Ayesha says everyone is mad here and they call me mad.

Sheela comes to a designer and thinks to buy it. He is Payal’s friend Rocky. Payal requests him to let them use his outfits. Sheela says we will pay him double. Rocky says I love my outfits and won’t sell. Rocky says I will give you triple money. Payal says done but the outfits have to be best. Sheela asks him to come home. Rocky says no, I won’t come anywhere, you have to come here and take the outfits. Adi comes to Avantika and sees her working. She asks did you get time now for mum. He rests in her lap.

Avantika smiles. He says I feel like heaven. She says you are mad. He says I m your son. She asks him to say about Ayesha. Adi says you mean I come to you when I have work. She says don’t do drama, I don’t have time. He kisses her forehead. He says don’t worry about me, I m fine, good night. She says good night. He leaves. Avantika says I wish you told this seeing in my eyes. Ayesha makes all her designs ready and Adi comes. He says this is really very pretty, you do your work, I came to see if you need my help. She says thanks, you already helped me a lot and shows her showstopper dress. The papers falls. He picks it with her. Pyaar nahi dosti hai……………plays………… She looks at him.

Pyaar ka dard hai meetha meetha pyara pyara ………….plays…………. She says I have to complete this outfit, I m scared. He says don’t worry, but where to keep this. She says its showstopper, keep it in purple dress. Sheela comes there and sees this. Adi says we decided we won’t see each other’s designs. Sheela acts and says she is sleepwalking. She leaves. Adi says she has everything new everytime, you work, I will go. Ayesha smiles.

Sheela comes to Payal and says I will go and steal the showstopper dress from Ayesha, you come there and wait for me. Sheela confirms Ayesha sleeping and takes the showstopper dress. She says now I will message Payal and call her out. Avantika is also awake and goes out.

Sheela and Payal are planning something and Avantika sees them with dresses.
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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 21st July 2014 Written Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 21st July 2014 Written Update
The Episode starts with Ayesha telling Adi to shave off his beard fully. She says she was shaving full but he covered his face. She takes the pic and he hides his face. Shanky tells Ayesha that she did very good thing. Ayesha says the credit goes to Pankhudi. Shanky comes to Avantika and says Ayesha is a nice girl. Avantika is irritated and talks to Anuj. He asks her to take care of herself, as her medicines and diet has to follow up. Ayesha talks to Nafisa and says everything is fine here, Adi is annoyed, as I shaved half his beard, he was looking a monkey. Adi comes and she smiles seeing him. He says stop smiling, I was looking a monkey in mirror.

She says Pankhudi finds you handsome like this. He says I will not forgive you for this, how will I go office. Whats your plan today. She says no, if anyone needs help, I will. He asks her to focus on her career. She says she has to wait for next session for London scholarship till next year. He says I know you work well, Arif got appreciated because of you, so take right steps. She asks what to do. He says why don’t you open your own store. I think it’s a great idea, you design clothes and sell under your label. She says it’s a big decision and I don’t have experience. He says you are opening it, that’s decided. She says if anyone has problem here. He says that’s my headache.

Sheela tells Payal that she was guarding the locker all night, and tonight your turn. Payal says I can’t compromise with my sleep. Payal says why did Avantika stop her. Sheela says I m angry on Nani, you see now what I do. Anuj tell Avantika that we have to get Nani back. Avantika says she won’t listen to us, after what all Sheela told her. Anuj says we know Sheela, so I think we have to go to apologize. Harish comes and asks is everything alright. Avantika says ask it hows Ayesha. She leaves.

Anuj says have breakfast. Rubel greets Avantika. She says he has managed the Diwaan empire very well alone,much better than Adi, but you also have a personal life and responsibilities towards Payal. Everyone makes mistakes, rectify it soon, else it takes 25 years, put work pressure on Adi so that you can spend time with Payal. Harish tells Anuj that his shooting got cancelled. Sheela reacts seeing Adi and asks whats this. She smiles. Anuj says this is a miracle. Avantika comes and says look at you Adi, you look good, clean shave suddenly.

Adi says someone shaved half my bear at night, and I did not have any other option. Sheela says liar. Adi says yes, in dream. Rubel says so it was a dream. Avantika says its good you shaved. Adi says I want to open a business venture for Ayesha. Everyone is shocked. Rubel says you have to many stores to sell much stock. Sheela says why do you want to open the store. Adi says its for Ayesha, which will fulfil her dreams. Sheela says its costly dream. She says it will take much money. Adi says we can afford it. Sheela says why to spend on a stranger.

Adi says she is our family member and has equal rights as you and Payal. Sheela says we did not accept her as bahu, and tell me did you give her wife’s rights. Avantika says we are not fools here, maybe Ayesha forced you for this, but you are sensible, do you know her talent, capability, experience. Adi says it was my idea and I m forcing her. He says I know she is very capable, she deserves this. Anuj says we all know Ayesha did internship at Arif, but…. Adi says but she has to make a start. Ayesha says I think they are right. Adi says let me handle this. Harish says Ayesha don’t worry, tell him you want to do it, and prove lot of people wrong.

Avantika and Adi argue. Adi says we should give a chance to Ayesha,m why are we unfair. Payal says fine, so I m also qualified enough to start my own business. She says I will also start my own fashion label. Rubel says what kiddish. She says I know my demand is sudden, but I always wanted to do something. Sheela says she told me and supports Payal. Payal taunts Ayesha. Anuj says we don’t have any issue, but we need to be practical, we have made much investments. Rubel says we have to take our board of directors opinion. Sheela says start Payal’s first, Ayesha will wait.

Avantika says we don’t know anything about both of them, and can’t risk our family name. Sheela says lets keep a competition between them, lets keep a small fashion show at home, and calls relatives and know who is talented. Adi says I have seen Ayesha’s work, its definitely award winning. Sheela says lets see. They say Ayesha and Payal are ready. Sheela says Anuj will give Rs 10 lakhs to both of them, and they will make 6 costumes and model will wear it. Anuj says they have to use that money for all expenses. Rubel says it has to be a fair game. Harish says the time frame will be till tomorrow evening. Sheela makes Payal and Ayesha hand shake. They shake hands.

Sheela tells Payal that she will steal the show stopper dress and steals it from Ayesha’s room.
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Friday, 18 July 2014

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 18th July 2014 Written Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 18th July 2014 Written Update
The Episode starts with Shanky telling Adi and Rubel everything and Ayesha’s plan to unite Sheela and Nani. Adi and Rubel go to talk to Nani, and knock the door, asking her to open the door, as they know Sheela did wrong with her. Rubel says I knpw she is upset, she needs some time,I hope Ayesha’s plan works. Ayesha is feeling bad as she is not able to talk. Adi comes to her and she talks to him by signs. He asks her is she annoyed with him. She signs no. He says nothing, I did not know you are so serious about this, you can talk, I won’t tell anyone. He says I will give you company and sits there. He says thank for doing this for my family, no one expected this, not even me, that you can be quiet.

She thinks if you talk so much, I can’t be quiet, I m doing this for my new family. Sheela thinks to recall the password. Payal says we tried 200 passwords. Avantika comes and asks what happened, why did she call her urgently. Sheela complains about Ayesha and the password problem. Rubel laughs. Avantika is shocked by Sheela’s stupidity. She says we can solve this matter in evening. She calls out Ayesha and scolds her for troubling Sheela. Shanky says Ayesha won’t talk till Nani comes out and talks to everyone. Avantika says I understand but……..

Adi says she is doing this for good cause. Avantika says if this matter does not solve, Sheela won’t allow me to go. She says I missed an important meeting. Adi and Rubel support Ayesha. Shanky asks Adi to take Ayesha inside. Sheela says but…. See Avantika, Adi is taking her side. Avantika says don’t call me from office like this again. She leaves. Anuj asks Sheela to change for good. Rubel says mum its your mistake, apologize to Nani. She says I won’t. He says fine and leaves. Payal asks Sheela to think fast, as if they take much time, Ayesha can also forget password.

Ayesha sees Adi and wants to talk to him. Adi says I know you want to talk, I can’t believe you are not talking. Harish comes and asks whats going on, Avantika called and she was angry. Ayesha signs Adi to talk to Harish as she can’t. Adi says till Nani comes out of room and talks to everyone. Ayesha won’t talk. Harish says will you guys tell me please. Adi says Nani and Sheela had a fight in morning and tells everything. Harish laughs and says not a bad idea. He says its good my problem is solving, as Adi is talking to him. Ayesha thinks yes, but Sheela should also apologize.

Sheela comes to Ayesha and hugs her. She says its true that we should not fight, so I will go with you and apologize to Nani. Harish says I think you are desperate to get the password. Sheela says no, I m doing this for Nani. Adi smiles. Ayesha is happy and goes with Sheela. Harish asks Adi shall I think that my son is talking to me. Adi leaves. Harish gets upset. Ayesha and Sheela go to Nani’s room and Sheela calls out Nani, but there is no response. They see the door open and go in.

Nani is not there. Sheela says maybe she went to washroom, lets wait for her. Ayesha sees a letter and reads it. She is shocked to know Nani left the house. Sheela asks what happened and reads it being shocked. She smiles that finally she iss gone. She asks Ayesha to tell password now. Ayesha is miffed and takes the letter put showing it to everyone. Adi reads it. Sheela thinks now she will be blamed. Nani says she is angry and will come back after her anger cools down. Harish says I will call her. He says she is cutting my call.

Adi throws the letter and Avantika comes. She picks the paper and reads it. She is shocked too. Sheela says see Avantika, this is happening because of Ayesha. Avantika says don’t blame her, this happened because of you, she left the house as you insulted her. Sheela says but I did this for our house. Adi says enough now, stop humiliating Ayesha, I know her, she will not touch locker, if she does, its her right. Avantika says we have to find Nani now. Anuj says who knows her here. Payal says she will come back when her anger goes. Anuj scolds her being worried for Nani.

Nani calls them and tells Ayesha that she is fine, don’t be kiddish and don’t go in police. Avantika apologizes to her and asks her to come back. Nai says don’t force me to come back. Everyone ask Nani where is she. Avantika asks where is she. Adi says we promise we won’t come to you. Nani asks them to take care and stay united. She ends the call. Sheela says its good she is safe, now Ayesha can tell the password. Avantika says Ayesha won’t share the password till Nani comes back. Sheela says but………. Avantika says with no one.

Adi talks to Avantika and says Ayesha tried to solve the problem. Avantika says don’t tell me how to make my opinion. She says it’s a fact, that problems started with her coming here. She says I m not interested in her, my only interest is you and your life. She leaves. Adi asks Ayesha not to take tension, as mum is supporting her, don’t feel pressure to get into family issues. Harish tells Adi if he has this ego of not uniting with his dad, then he will also leave this house. Harish leaves. Ayesha thinks whats happening, Pankhudi tell me what to do, everything is shattering..

Ayesha thinks to shave Adi’s beard. He gets up and is shocked to see one side of his cheek shaved and shouts

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Thursday, 17 July 2014

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 17th July 2014 Written Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 17th July 2014 Written Update
The Episode starts with Sheela insulting Nani by her bitter words, and saying you are not a daughter and bahu of this house. Nani is totally hurt. Sheela says you can never take dad’s place in this house. Nani cries and leaves. Ayesha goes after her. Avantika asks Sheela how can she do this. Sheela says today she gave card, tomorrow can give her property, what can we do then. She says I m not Adi’s enemy and asks Payal to place locker in her room. Avantika asks Sheela to apologize to Nani. Sheela says sorry, I won’t/ Avantika says what you did now, was very wrong. She leaves. Sheela says first I will change locker password, then no one will be able to open it.

Nani comes in her room and cries. Ayesha sees her crying and consoles her. Nani says Sheela wanted to say this always, so she told me now. Ayesha says she is mad like her, a person does not think if she was angry. Nani asks why did Avantik not stop her. Ayesha says no, she tried to stop her. She says lets call Rubel and Adi here and ask them what do they regard you. Nani says leave from here and pushes her out. Avantika comes there. Ayesha leaves seeing her. Sheela says I changed the locker password, but I have to write somewhere, else I will forget it. Ayesha comes there and Sheela repeats it again and again.

She then forgets it and says what was it. Sheela changes her tone and sings a song. Ayesha says Nani is very upset, I know you told this in anger, but she will be glad if you say sorry. Sheela says what I told was not in anger, but in all my senses. Sheela says she is elder, so should do puja in her room. Sheela taunts Ayesha and reminds what Avantika said, she will be a stranger. Ayesha says fine, but why are you fighting for me. Sheela says I will cry seeing your drama, go from here.

Ayesha turns to leave. Sheela says what was the password and recalls. Nani tells Avantika that she does not want a sorry from her, do you have any issue if I gave card to Ayesha. Avantika says yes. Nani asks why. Nani says then I don’t have to say anything. Avantika says please listen to me. Nani says leave me alone, go to office now. Avantika leaves. Ayesha calls Adi and tells everything to him what happened. She asks shall I give card back to Nani, will she feel bad. Adi says keep it with you, do as I say.

Sheela talks to Avantika and speaks against Ayesha having a greed in her heart and not returning the card. Avantika says now things have gone out of hand. Avantika asks Sheela to apologize to Nani. Adi tells Ayesha nothing will happen, I will come in sometime from office. Ayesha gets a huge frame pic and removes the paper from it. Its Pankhudi’s pic, and she hangs it on the wall. Ayesha says you have to guide me now, as you are the soul of this family and everyone hates me. She says you united everyone and I have broken them. She says I feel bad when Adi gets stuck in all this.

She says I married him, but he will always be yours. He loves you a lot, even today. She says just help me in getting my share of love, I will be happy. She says tell me Pankhudi, will you help me. Sheela tells Payal that she forgot the new password. Anuj comes and asks whats going on and why password changed. Sheela says Nani gave the access card to Ayesha and so I brought the locker here. Payal says stop overreacting and recollect the password.

Sheela thinks and says I m getting somewhat, I was singing. Sheela gets angry on Shanky and he tells Sheela’s problem to Ayesha. Ayesha says I need your help. Anuj says if your memory is so weak, why did you not write it. Ayesha came here. She says Ayesha may help us, as she is very smart. Payal says how can you tell her the password. Sheela says no, I m not a fool, she heard me saying the password and might learnt it. Payal says will she tell you. Sheela praises herself. Sheela says I will get the password from her. Shanky and Ayesha does acting.

Sheela and Payal act sweet to Ayesha. Shanky says Ayesha swore that she will not talk now. Sheela gets tensed. He says he said till Nani gets normal till then she will not talk to anyone. Sheela says why are you punishing yourself for her, till when will this go on. Payal says she is troubling us, that’s all. Sheela asks her the password. She asks did she hear it. Payal says tell the password now. Sheela asks Payal not to scold her. Sheela asks Ayesha did she hear it. Ayesha nods yes. Sheela says do you remember it. Ayesha nods yes. Sheela says tell me in my ears.

Shanky says I think Ayesha wants to rest now, lets go from here. Sheela says fine and leaves. Ayesha says I will make Sheela and Nani’s patchup by doing this acting. Shanky gets emotional and misses Pankhudi. She asks what happened. He says Pakhudi used to call me Shanky Kaka, not uncle. He leaves. Ayesha smiles seeing Pankhudi’s pic. Sheela tells Payal what to do, we have to get password before she forgets. Payal says she will tell us if you apologize to Nani. Sheela says no way. Payal says then lets break the locker. Sheela says are you mad,its mum’s locker, Anuj and Avantika won’t leave me.

She calls Avantika and asks her to come home, as Ayesha has made an issue here. Avantika says I m busy, I can’t come. Sheela insists. Avantika says fine. Sheela says she has to come.

Avantika scolds Ayesha and asks her to tell Sheela the password.
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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 16th July 2014 Written Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 16th July 2014 Written Update
The Episode starts with Avantika asking Adi not to pretend to be happy as he can’t. Rubel talks to Nafisa and asks her not to stay in outhouse as Payal will doubt them. Nafisa says fine, I can understand, I will go from outhouse, but I really loved you, and will never forget you, I will go tomorrow after talking to Adi and Ayesha. He says thanks and leaves. Nilofer comes to her and asks her not to let anyone complain. Sheela is annoyed as she gained weight and holds Ayesha responsible. Anuj asks why. Sheela says she is giving me so much tension, I get more hungry and have more food, how will I lose weight. She says I got a new reason to kick her out of my house, I hope Avantika sticks to my side.

Adi sees Ayesha crying and thinks what to do. He scolds her for not greeting his mum. She says I will go now. He says I m sorry and wipes her tears. He says I did this to make you stop crying. He holds her and she asks whats this and scolds him. He says sorry. She jokes. He says you became smart. She smiles and says shall I go to meet Avantika. Adi says decision will be yours, I m going to office, call me if you need anything. He leaves. Avantika gets ready and Harish tries to make her smile. He says lets buy some jewellery for Ayesha, as she is our bahu now. He jokes.

She gets angry and scolds him. He asks what problem do you have with this marriage. She says I have problem with that girl. Ayesha comes to meet her. Avantika asks why did she come. Ayesha says I came to say good morning. Avantika says what. Harish smiles. Avantika says I m upset with Adi, as I feel his decision is wrong, I m upset with Harish as he played big game with me, but for you, I don’t care. She says you stay here or not, I simply don’t care. She says don’t try to force a relation on me. She leaves. Ayesha cries. Harish jokes.

Ayesha says you can’t even speak infront of her, don’t know how will I handle everyone. Payal is fuming in Rubel as Nafisa is still in their house. She says I m sure Adi stopped Nafisa here for you, you wanted this. Rubel says whats wrong with you, she is going as I asked her, but you won’t understand. Payal hugs him and says sorry Rubel, I did not wish to hurt you. He says you have to understand Nafisa was past, don’t ruin our future for her. She says fine, I won’t say anything again, this Ayesha too should leave. He says she is the bahu of this house and will stay here, you better not mess with her, else……….. he gets angry and leaves.

Ayesha thinks what to do, go in hall or stay here, else Payal and Sheela will kill her by her taunts. She says whom to talk now. Nani comes and says talk to me. Nani says I m Adi’s Nani and your Nani from today. They have a laugh. Nani asks whats her plan. Ayesha says Adi did not say. Nani says you are husband and wife now, one unit. Nani asks do you love Adi. Ayesha looks at her and says no, how do you feel so. Nani says I know this and can read your eyes. Ayesha says no.

Nani asks why this marriage. Ayesha says Adi said so…….. Nani says it means its against your wish, I will call Harish to make this marriage null and void. Ayesha says no. Nani says don’t lie to yourself. Ayesha smiles and hugs her. Nani says I knew this. Ayesha says but I won’t be able to make space in his heart. Nani asks why, as he loves Pankhudi, you don’t have to take her place but make your place, be sincere and keep all relations and then see, one day Adi will love you.

She says everyone does love but don’t get it back. Do all your duties well. Ayesha says don’t tell this to Adi. Nani promises and asks her to promise that she believes in her love. Sheela thanks Avantika for staying here, else how would she manage alone. Payal comes to them. Sheela says Harish used to be here when you were not here. Avantika gets annoyed and leaves. Sheela says think how to get rid of Ayesha. Nani brings Ayesha and says I have to give her something infront of all of you. She gives her locker access card and Sheela is shocked.

She says every bahu has this card. Ayesha says but… Sheela says how can you give this card to her, as we have not accepted her as our bahu. Sheela says Adi did not give her wife rights and did a favor on her. Ayesha is hurt. Sheela argues with Nani and takes the card back. Nani says Ayesha has all the rights now. Avantika says I did not accept her my bahu, for me she will always be an outsider. Nani says she is Adi’s wife. Payal also gets into the argument and everyone confront Nani for taking this step. Sheela fumes on Nani and asks whats her benefit in this, maybe Ayesha will run with all the money. Ayesha defends herself. She says I don’t want this card. She says don’t fight for me.

Nani scolds Sheela and says its about equal rights. Nani gives the card again to Ayesha. Sheela says how can you take this decision alone. Nani says I m eldest here. Avantika says end it here. Sheela asks her to be in her limits as she is not the owner of the house. Nani is shocked by this insulting words. Payal too supports Sheela and says she does not need Nani’s guidance. Avantika scolds Payal.

Sheela asks Avantika to come home fast. Avantika says I have important meeting and can’t come, whats the matter. Sheela says come home. Avantika says fine.
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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 15th July 2014 Written Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 15th July 2014 Written Update
The Episode starts with Avantika saying she won’t accept Ayesha as Adi’s wife and her bahu. Rubel stops her and asks why are you reacting like this, Adi needs our support. She says no, Adi does not need his mum. Sheela says Adi is adamant. Rubel says we have to trust Adi and his decision. Payal says yes, afterall Rubel will be happy too. Avantika says what do you mean. Harish says I will explain that later, think about Adi’s happiness. Sheela says Nani did not let her stop Adi. Adi says don’t involve Nani. Nani says its easy to give judgment, give this relation a chance. I m sure Ayesha will give this relation happiness. Avantika says don’t use my son for your experiments.

Avantika scolds Ayesha for breaking her family and says I m scared what Sheela said, can be true. Ayesha cries. She leaves. Sheela says you won’t be her bahu if she does not accept you. She says Pankhudi always united this family and Ayesha broke it. Rubel asks Adi not to worry, give them some time, everything will be fine. Nani tells Nilofer that Ayesha will have to face many problems, but I promise she will be happy. Nilofer says I m leaving here on your trust, take care of her, we will leave from here tomorrow morning.

Nilofer says Adi, I know no one can take Pankhudi’s place in your heart, but I m Ayesha’s mum and will pray for her. Harish asks why is she going. She says we were guests before, but now related, so we will go. Adi says I won’t be able to give Ayesha Pankhudi’s place, but I promise I will get her respect. My bank accounts, my properties, I m naming it on Ayesha. Nani smiles. Rubel says we don’t have any problem, I will make the papers. Payal hears this and fumes. Ayesha says I don’t want money and property, I just want………….Nani says you will get all happiness.

Harish says you will stay with us now. Nafisa apologizes to everyone. She says I will focus on my career now. Adi wishes her all the best. Nafisa says I applied for job, can I stay here. Nilofer says no. Adi says she can stay here till she wants. He says send Ruksaar to good boarding school and I want to take care of her studies expenses. Nilofer agrees. Adi says I will go and meet mum. Harish says no, first I will meet her, then you come. Avantika sees Pankhudi’s pic and cries. Sheela comes to her and says if we don’t kick Ayesha out, we will lose Adi.

Harish comes and hears this. Sheela sees him and says its not Harish’s mistake, he can’t ruin Adi’s life. He says please don’t confuse her more, leave us alone for sometime. She leaves. She says where did you go Pankhudi, I broke my rules for you, I lied to everyone and went to temple to request Lord to send you back. She says it was no use, see whats happening here. He is spoiling his life. She scolds Harish for this and says I will never forgive you for this. Sheela talks to Anuj and Payal. Sheela says how can Adi give his property to her, did he ask Avantika. Anuj says I don’t understand.

Sheela says I worry for family. She praises herself. Payal says we all know you are great but right now we have a bigger problem, Ayesha and Nafisa won’t go. Sheela says give me one month, to kick out Ayesha from this house. Adi brings Ayesha to guest room and says its yours from today. He says I arranged this as you might be not comfortable with me. She says no, this is fine. He thinks I know this is awkward for you, don’t worry, I will try my best not to make you feel it. He says Shanky will help you in settling here, I will send him.

Ayesha thinks its looking so strange, what to talk to him. Adi and Ayesha talk heart to heart and it’s a sweet scene. They talk together and look at each other. He says I will come later, you unpack your luggage. He leaves. She sees Pankhudi’s pic and says you don’t worry, Adi will be only yours, I love him, but I know I can’t come between you two, I believe everyone loves you a lot. She says I wish I was also lucky like you. Its morning, Ayesha wakes up and asks Ruksaar to wake up. She realizes she is not with her now.She says I got late first day now Sheela will get a reason to taunt me.

Adi comes and says I will come later. She says no, its ok. She says I got late. He says relax, everyone can live by their way in this house. It’s a cute sweet between them as they go on squeezing paste from toothpaste. He says I m going to office. She says Adi, thank you. He asks why. She says nothing. He leaves. Adi says Ayesha is coming, she was squeezing paste from toothpaste. Ayesha comes and Nilofer asks her not to be kiddish. Nilofer and Ruksaar are leaving. Rubel tells Nafisa that he wants to talk to her.

Nilofer talks to Ayesha and says now this is your house. Adi’s name is your identity, you are their bahu first then my daughter. Adi talks to Avantika. She says I did not forget it. Adi says I know you want me to be happy, look at me, can’t you find me happy, Pankhudi will never come back and this fact won’t change, we are together. Nilofer asks Ayesha to win everyone with love. Ayesha cries and hugs her. Avantika says don’t fool me Adi, stop pretending, till this girl is in your life, you won’t be able to stay happy. She leaves.

Nani gives locker access card to Ayesha and Sheela goes against it. She takes the car back from Ayesha. Nani shouts Sheela
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Monday, 14 July 2014

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 14th July 2014 Written Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 14th July 2014 Written Update
The Episode starts with Nafisa defending Ayesha. Ayesha calls Adi and says she is at registrar office as she came to check the apology. She says she will come home. Avantika is angry on Harish. She drives the car very quickly to reach home and stop Adi’s marriage with Ayesha. Sheela says she will not come back, she does not want to marry, else where will she go without telling her mum. Ayesha comes home and Sheela is shocked. Ayesha tells about the apology in the magazine, sorry to go without informing. Nani says we all were worried, you could have told us, its fine, I will call Adi and he will come. She says I called him and he will come. Nani says lets do the paper work.

Avantika breaks the signal and traffic inspector stops her asking her to come with her to police station. Ayesha tells Sheela that she has filled 50 lakhs rupees amount in blank cheque and donated it in old age home. Sheela is stunned losing so much amount in charity. Ayesha says now you will get many blessings. Payal says she is very smart. Sheela says I will see how she becomes the bahu, why did Avantika not come, call her. Avantika says I have to go. She gets Sheela’s call and says I m coming, but stop Adi. She says she will talk to commissioner.

Adi comes. Nani says lets start. Sheela says but Harish and Avantika has to come. Adi says but I won’t change my decision. Anuj scolds him and says if you don’t need your parents, then why me. He leaves. Nani asks Adi to come, let other things go. Sheela says Payal do something and stop them. Adi signs the papers and Ayesha sits beside him. Sheela says wait for 5mins, its not good mahurat. Rubel says come on, Adi you do it. Avantika and Harish come. Some mantras play in BG.

Ayesha looks at the papers and is about to sign. Avantika is rushing towards the house. Ayesha signs on the papers. They become legal wife and husband. Avantika comes and shouts stop it. Everyone look at her. She walks in anger. She asks Adi whats the hell is doing on, I told you won’t do anything till I come. Adi says I m sorry., I wanted to do what my heart said, so I did not wait for you. Avantika looks at Ayesha and sees the papers.

Avantika says I don’t care about this, this marriage will not be accepted. Adi asks why are you reacting like this. She says why, should I be happy as you are doing wrong. She says then convince me this is right, then I will support this marriage. Adi says I don’t have anything to say. Avantika says answer me, Did you love Pankhudi. Adi says ofcourse I do. She asks you miss her. He says yes. She says have you accepted that she is dead. He says yes. She says no, why are you marrying her, as she looks like Pankhudi. She says you were desperate to marry her. She says you want this face to be infront of you.

She says why were you hurrying, as you were scared as your mum won’t let this happen. He says I was scared of Ayesha and her family’s suffering. Sheela says they have trapped him for money, kick them out. Adi says enough. Avantika says you shut up, I don’t care about Ayesha, even if she is good, I won’t accept this marriage. Adi says Pankhudi and Ayesha are different, no one can take Pankhudi’s place in my life.

Bau ji says yes Avantika, they are different persons and we should not punish Ayesha. Avantika says Ayesha will be punished after marrying Adi, whole life, as he won’t love her. She asks Adi not to be emotional, but this marriage is contradictory. The bitter truth is you have to move on, you have to give her rights of a wife and Ayesha’s face won’t let to move on, and this will happen with us, we will find Pankhudi in her and compare her. She tells Nilofer that she understands this, then why is she ruining Ayesha’s life.

Nilofer says you can’t understand our situation. Avantika says what will Ayesha with this marriage, just a surname. Harish asks who do you know they won’t be happy. Avantika says I m his mum, I know whats right and wrong for my son. Avantika talks to Ayesha and says I have no grudges against you, but you can’t marry Adi, you know Adi did not forget Pankhudi, do you want to be Pankhudi’s shadow all the life, why are you ruining your life, tell me can he forget Pankhudi. Ayesha says because I…. Avantika says no, you don’t have any answer, we can null and void this marriage.

Harish asks are you mad, what are you saying. Adi says mum enough, I know elders have to agree. But its important that Ayesha and I agree, and we are, this documents will not be null and void now. Avantika says fine, but I will not accept Ayesha as your wife and my daughter in law. I will not accept this decision of yours. Adi looks at her. Ayesha cries. Everyone is shocked.

Avantika scolds Ayesha for breaking her family. She says I m scared Sheela’s words can become true.
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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 12th July 2014 Written Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 12th July 2014 Written Update
The Episode starts with Adi telling everything to Avantika. He says we are marrying tomorrow. She says you can’t be foolish, you won’t take any step till I come. He says come and bless us. She says this decision affects Ayesha too. He ends the call. Avantika breaks down and says how can he do this. Nilofer asks Adi to understand that he can’t go against his family. He says my decision won’t change. Ayesha says everyone told me, now I want to say. She cries and thanks him for supporting her, this is enough for her, but she can’t marry him, as it will break all his relations. Payal says wait Ayesha and comes to her.

Payal asks her why is she acting now, as she has already trapped him. Adi asks Ayesha to trust him and no more discussion now. He asks Nilofer to go and take rest now. She takes Ayesha and leaves. Sheeha scolds Adi. Ayesha thinks only Pankhudi can help me now. Sheela asks Adi to do anything and gives him outhouse keys. Bau ji encourages Adi. Nani says don’t worry. Adi says its not easy to convince mum. Avantika calls Harish and leaves.

Harish meets Nilofer and says I m very sorry, I want to say please you all stay here and trust Adi, he will not trouble Ayesha, he will always keep her happy, I m happy she won’t leave them now. He says I know it’s a compromise, but a best decision. Nilofer says if everyone are against, how long will you support her. Harish says once she knows this, I m sure she will support Ayesha. He says no one can be annoyed with Ayesha. He opens the outhouse and makes them go in. He thinks to talk to Avantika and calls her.

She asks him whats all this. She says this is not your tv show, this is my son’s life. He says let me explain, come back. She says she is coming and will stop Adi. Nani talks to Bau ji and says she is worried about Avantika. Adi comes to talk to them. He says he did this for Ayesha. I know she will some dreams to marry, which have broken. Nani says you did the right thing. He asks how are you sure. She says I know she………… she will be happy with you, I know. Adi apologizes to Bau ji for huting their sentiments. He sees Pankhudi’s pic and talks to her.

Nilofer talks to Ayesha and says everything will be fine tomorrow, this family will accept you and my worry will end. Ayesha asks does she have any right to marry Adi. Nilofer says yes and explains her that she is not forcing her, but trust me, I want you to be happy. She asks is she annoyed with her. Ayesha says no. She thinks I m sad that the man I love will be near me but far. Sheela waits for Ayesha and she comes.

Sheela says I knew you will come here by my sms, this is blank cheque and can fulfill all your dreams, just don’t be in my house and Adi’s life. Sheela taunts her and says fill this cheque and get lost, before Adi does something in his madness, just go from here and take your family away. Ayesha is shocked. Sheela leaves. Avantika is leaving for airport and says I miss you Pankhudi. I won’t let anything wrong happen with your Adi, never.

Its morning, Adi says we are ready, come with the papers. Payal asks Adi to think again. Anuj says the same. Adi says don’t start again. Payal says let Avantika come. Adi says don’t scare me by her name. Nafisa comes and asks where is Ayehsa, she is not in outhouse. Adi says I will go and stop her, if she leaves the city then. Sheela knows why Ayesha went. Nani goes to talk to Niofer. Sheela tells Payal that she did this, she has scolded Ayesha well. Payal says if Adi finds her again then. Sheela says Avantika will come and you know no one can win over her. She thinks where did Ayesha know and don’t know what big amount she wrote in the cheque.

Avantika meets Harish and scolds him a lot. He says sit in the car, I will explain. She says Adi will ruin his future. He says Ayesha is a very nice girl. She says this is a compromise, not marriage, give me the keys. He says I will drive. She says you cheated me, I don’ trust you. She leaves in the car. Adi looks for Ayesha. Nani calls him and he says he is going to check on station, he did not get Ayesha yet. She says registrar came. He says make them wait, I will bring her soon. Nani says come soon, everyone is waiting for you. Nani tells this to registrar and asks her to have tea. Avantika thinks to reach soon and stop this marriage.

Sheela tells Nilofer that Ayesha has run away. Nafisa says I know her well, she will not run like this.

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Friday, 11 July 2014

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 11th July 2014 Written Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 11th July 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ayesha telling everyone that she does not want to get married. He scolds Adi asking him not to do any favor on her. She refuses to marry him and leaves. Sheela stops Adi, but he goes after Ayesha. Adi comes to Ayesha and says he wants to support her. She says you want to do a favor. He says you also did a favor on me, you agreed to become my wife without knowing me. She says I wanted to make your dad happy. He says I want to do this for your mum, I want to see you fly, and respect in society. She asks why, as my face depicts Pankhudi. He says there can no one be like her, I m not doing this for her.

He says I don’t want your face to be get reminded and linked to my Pankhudi. He says if you feel my decision is right, then a friend will wait for your yes. He asks her to think ass he is not pressurizing her. He gives her his hand and she holds his hand. He says I promise you I will never leave you alone, a friend will always be with you. He says lets go and tell everyone our decision, don’t be nervous, you are member of this family and I will get you all the rights.

Sheela asks Harish not to be quiet. Harish says they are mature, let them take the decision. Sheela says Adi will take wrong decision. Nani says lets hear them first. Adi holds Ayesha’s hand and brings her inside the Diwaan mansion. He says I have taken my decision. He says Ayesha and I are marrying, tomorrow. Everyone is shocked. Sheela says no, you won’t do this. Adi says my decision won’t change. Rubel says I m with Adi in his decision, this is big decision and about your lives, just think again. Adi says my decision is because I m her friend. She needs my support.

Adi goes to Bau ji and tells him what Pankhudi use to say. He says I know you all will be very upset. But I m doing what I feel is right. Bau ji understands him and says he is not annoyed, what he did, they all are with him. Ambika says sorry, but if Adi gives this girl Pankhudi’s place, we are not with you in this decision. Adi says I m not giving her Pankhudi’s place, she is in my heart. Mama asks then why are you marrying her. He asks him to think again.

Adi explains. Ambika says we are feeling bad that you forgot so soon, if he does not value my daughter, what will he value us, I promise I will not even come here and won’t have any relation with Adi. Mama says come, lets go. Adi stops them. Mama says tell me Pankhudi did a lot for you and your family, she forgot us but kept you all united, and you forgot her in two days. Bau ji says wait and says Ambika will find it tough, but you understand. Diwakar says it will be better if we go from here. Bau ji says fine, you all can go, I will bless Adi and Ayesha, as what Adi is doing is not for himself, but to blossom Ayesha’s life.

Mama says but we can’t stay here. Harish stops them and says Pankhudi was our bahu, our life. Ambika says yes, she was bahu, so filling her place. She says but she was our daughter. They leave annoyed. Bau ji asks them not to feel bad, as they are not understanding. Adi asks him is he doing right, will they get annoyed. Bau ji says no, Pankhudi will be proud of you. Nilofer tells Adi that she respects his decision , you will accept her, but if your family does not accept her, then what.

Adi says I can promise you I won’t let her suffer. Harish says I understand, but don’t take tension about her, as I will always support him and also Nani. Rubel says even I will support him. Payal taunts Rubel about Nafisa. Nani says Pankhudi’s family are leaving for Kullu. Sheela asks Adi to think as other relations are breaking. She says give them money and send them. Nilofer says stop telling against my daughters. Sheela says their drama is to make you feel guilty and marry Ayesha. Adi says I will feel guilty if I could not support my friend and left her alone in problems.

Sheela holds Ayesha’s hand and takes her to the door. Adi stops her and asks her not to do this, as he will leave this house if Ayesha leaves. Sheela is shocked and says Adi, you will go far from us for this girl, fine, I don’t have anything to say but don’t think you will be married, no way till I m here. She says I know who to call to stop you. Avantika is shown. Adi asks Sheela not to take this matter further. Adi says do anything, we will sign marriage docs tomorrow. Sheela says it won’t be signed. She calls Avantika. Nani asks her to stop it. Sheela says she will regret later. Adi takes the phone and says I will her myself.

Adi calls Avantika saying I need to tell you something. Sheela says I will talk to her, give me the phone. Avantika asks him what does Sheela want to tell me, is everything ok. Adi says Pankhudi is no more.Avantika is shocked and says what. He says Pankhudi will never come back. She asks where is Ayesha. He says she is not Pankhudi but her look alike. He tells her everything about Harish and Nani’s plan to bring Ayesha in his life. Avantika cries. Adi says I m marrying Ayesha. Avantika is shocked again.

Adi says we are marrying tomorrow. Avantika says no, I m coming tomorrow. Adi asks her to support him, as his decision won’t change.
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Thursday, 10 July 2014

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 10th July 2014 Written Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 10th July 2014 Written Update
The Episode starts with Arif telling Adi that Ayesha did the photoshoot to take Pankhudi’s death proof so that Adi can’t get hurt. Arif clarifies to his mum. Police comes to arrest Arif. Adi thanks him for coming. Arif and Jackie is taken with the subeditor also. The editor apologizes to them and says we will publish the truth with an apology in our next magazine. Nafisa says its my mistake, please forgive me mum. Nilofer says are you not ashamed. Nafisa says she will be accept any punishment. Ayesha hugs her and cries. She says what happened is good, else I would have not got my sister. The sisters cry. Ayesha asks Nilofer to forgive her as Nafisa has realized her mistake. Nilofer hugs Nafisa.

Nani and Harish try calling Adi and hope he is not in any problem. Sheela says Ayesha’s truth is out, why are you taking her side. Nani says she is our responsibility till she is here. Sheela says send her, Adi will not move on. Shanky comes and says Bau ji came with his family from Kullu. Bau ji and everyone come in. Nilofer asks Farida to check all the clothes and jewellery. Farida apologizes to Ayesha. Ayesha says no. Nilofer says we have to forgot bad happenings, we will go from here tomorrow.

Adi says I m waiting outside for you all. Mama asks Harish whats this and shows the magazine. He says this girl crossed her limit, whats the meaning of this vulgar pics. Harish says its fake. Mama says we can’t tell this to everyone, she is Pankhudi for the world. Ambika says she has ruined our daughter’s goodness. Bau ji asks them to be calm. Sheela says they are right, I can’t think how can she do this. Adi comes home with Ayesha and her family. He says Ayesha did not do anything wrong. Everyone look at them. Harish asks what happened in meeting. Adi says Ayesha is proved innocent, Arif did this to make Ayesha helpless and marry him. Nani says how digusting, how can he do this with anyone self respect.

Nafisa accepts her mistake in this matter. Sheela taunts Nafisa. Payal looks at Rubel and says he does not understand this. Rubel says let her complete first. Nafisa cries and leaves. Sheela says they want money from here, and wanted to settle with Adi or Rubel. She taunts Ayesha and says you would have not done the photoshoot even if Arif blackmails. Adi says do you know why she did it, for me, so that I can live happy and smile with the fake hope, she knew that Pankhudi is dead and Arif had the proof, she agreed to him to take the proof from him.

He says I respect her a lot. Bau ji says I knew Ayesha won’t do anything wrong, I see your goodness and remember Pankhudi, be happy. Nani apologizes to Nilofer. Nilofer says I don’t want to discuss, we will go tomorrow. Sheela says that’s good, marry all your daughters there, else they will stay with you forever. Anuj scolds Sheela. Sheela says few things don’t leave us, if society knows this, who will marry her. Adi says why will anyone not understand truth. Payal says you won’t tell anyone, no family will accept her.

Adi says you are saying this, Rubel and we have forgiven you at the time of marriage for what you did. He says marriage is not everything, Ayesha has her dreams, her career building. He asks Nilofer not to force her daughters for marriage, let them fulfill their dreams. He says Ayesha lives for her dreams, don’t punish her. Nilofer says I have to get them married, I don’t want to break their dreams but don’t want them to be unmarried whole life, the society does not hear anyone. Adi says you mean you will not see their happiness for society.

Nilofer says I have to live in this society and follows its rules. Adi says I don’t agree. Nilofer says you heard what everyone said, they knew the truth still………..Bau ji says the bad thing is people don’t think good about daughters. Nani requests Nilofer not to do this being in pressure. Sheela taunts Nani for going against society and bearing so much. Harish asks Nilofer to think. Nilofer asks what now, I regret why did I agree to you for the first time, this would have not happened.

Ayesha cries. Nilofer says ask Ayesha what is she going through, the truth is its tough for my daughters to get good home. Harish asks why are you thinking. Nilofer says don’t say big things, tell me will you make Ayesha your bahu, will Adi marry her. Everyone is shocked. Will Adi accept her by heart, will he do Nikaah with my Ayesha. Everyone looks on. Nilofer says daughters are known by the name of the inlaws. She says lets go Ayesha. Adi stops them and says if a girl needs a husband’s name, to fulfill her dreams and live in society with respect, then I will give her my name. Everyone is shocked. Ayesha looks at Adi stunned. Jai Jai Ram…………plays………..

Adi says I will marry Ayesha. Adi and Ayesha look at each other. Adi says I m her true friend, I m trying to keep my friendship. Sheela asks him is he mad, what magic did they do. Rubel says stop mum, let Adi say what he wants. He says I m with you Adi, I hope you know what you said. Harish asks Adi not to decide being emotional. Adi says I have thought about this. I will do Nikaah with her if Nilofer agrees. Ayesha says stop it, no one is asking me what I want, I won’t marry anyone. Adi looks at her.

Adi tries to convince Ayesha to marry her. She asks but why, as my face is like Pankhudi’s.
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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 9th July 2014 Written Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 9th July 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Nafisa asking Adi to do something and stop the marriage. Farida tells Nilofer that she will do all the arrangements and Arif is a fashion designer so he will arrange everyone’s clothes. Nafisa goes to Arif’s office to meet Jackie and gets his address. Ayesha is upset. Nilofer hugs her. She says this is important decision and you will always be happy with Arif. Nafisa tells Adi that they have to go to Jackie. Arif asks Jackie to leave from the city till he proves he is not involved. He asks him to go on a holiday and he will deposit his triple salary in his account. Jackie thanks him and says I will leave now.

Adi and Nafisa come to Jackie’s house and sees the lock. Ayesha gets ready for the Nikaah. Ruksaar makes her look beautiful. Nilofer is happy seeing her. Jackie runs and Adi sees him. Adi asks him to stop and Jackie tries to escape. Adi nruns after him. Adi catches him. He asks how dare you do this. Jackie says I did not do this. Adi asks then why did you run, I will call police. Jackie says no, I will tell everything. Arif did this. Adi slaps him. Nafisa slaps him too.

Adi asks how did you do this, where is the sub editor. Jackie says I don’t know. Adi says call him now. Jackie asks him to wait ate bus stop and he is bringing money. Adi says lets go and catch him. He takes Jackie with him. Nilofer asks Ruksaar to call Nafisa. Jackie says I just followed Arif’s instructions, don’t give me to police, my career will be ruined. Nafisa says shut up, take us to the editor. Ruksaar calls Nafisa and asks where is she. Nafisa says I m coming. She asks Adi to hurry up.

Farida asks Nilofer to bring Ayesha as Maulvi Sahab came. Adi comes to the bus stop and comes to know bus left. He asks Jackie to call the man. Jackie says his number is switched off. Adi says he won’t go without money, lets find him. Farida says we have to Nikaah today as its Ramzam from tomorrow. Ayesha looks stunning in her wedding attire. Adi and Nafisa are finding the sub editor. They don’t get him. Jackie says maybe he came to know, so he has run away.

Arif is glad seeing Ayesha. Nilofer waits for Nafisa and says we can’t stop them for her. The maulvi asks Arif is he ready to marry Ayesha with Meher 5 lakhs. Arif says Qubool Hai thrice. The malulvi then asks Ayesha is she ready to marry Arif. Ayesha is quiet and upset. Arif and everyone looks at her. She does not say Qubool Hai. Noilofer asks Ayesha to say it. The maulvi asks again. Adi comes and says no, Ayesha is not ready for this marriage. Everyone looks at him.

Adi says I m sorry but this Nikaah can’t happen. The maulvi leaves. Arif asks what are you trying to do. Adi says I won’t let Ayesha’s life get ruined. He says Arif has morphed Ayesha’s pic and got them published. Arif says you are doing this intentionally, as you have seeded doubt in her mind against me. Farida says my son can’t do this. Arif asks what proof does he have. Adi says I have two proofs. Sub editor of the magazine, do you know him, you paid him money, he was running from city and I caught him from the bus. He brings Jackie.

Arif gets tensed. Farida asks whats this. Jackie names Arif to be behind all this. Arif says Adi is doing this. Nafisa comes and says Arif, your truth is out now. Nilofer says Nafisa? Arif says what happened to you. Nafisa says yes, I m saying this. She says today I want to accept my mistake infront of everyone. She tells Nilofer that she is also responsible for this. She says I m also your culprit. She cries and apologizes to Ayesha. She says I did not wish you go to London, so I went to Arif.

Ayesha asks but why so much hatred. Nafisa says this is my mistake, its since childhood when you were better from me and everyone praised you. She says I wanted to be ahead of you, I forgot you are my sister. She cries and says I regarded you my enemy, when Rubel’s matter came out, I felt you told everyone. She says so I made a plan with Arif. Adi says she did not know Arif can fall so low. Adi asks Arif to accept his crime else he will call police. Arif says yes, I did this, I wanted to ruin her, defame her, so that she becomes helpless and does not have any option than marrying me. Everyone is shocked.

Farida slaps Arif and says are you not ashamed to do this with any girl. She cries and says I can’t believe I fought for women all my life and my son did this. Arif says what would I do, I got everything I loved, I loved Ayesha but she rejected me. So I blackmailed her with those papers to agree for photoshoot. Adi asks what was in it. Arif tells him that it had Pankhudi’s death certificate, which Ayesha wanted to hide from you. She agreed to do the photoshoot and did a deal that I should not tell you. Adi looks at Ayesha.

Nilofer asks Harish will he make Ayesha his bahu, will Adi marry Ayesha. Everyone looks on.

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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 8th July 2014 Written Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 8th July 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Adi and Ayesha coming to meet the editor of the magazine. Arif’s mum Farida asks Arif how did this happen. He acts innocent and says Ayesha doubts me for this, you tell me, can I do this, I love her. She says I trust you. He says we have to support them in this bad time. Farida calls Nilofer and says Arif told me about Ayesha, how is she now, I m worried about her. Nilofer says Ayesha said Arif did this, Farida says Arif can’t do such bad thing, he loves her and can’t see her in pain. Nilofer says even I was thinking how can he do this. Farida asks her to talk to Arif. Arif talks to Nilofer and calls her Ammi. He apologizes to her and acts sweet. He says trust me, I can’t let anything wrong happen with Ayesha, we are with you, don’t worry. Nilofer thanks him and ends the call.

Arif smiles. Adi scolds the editor and asks how did this happen. Editor says I did not do this, I was on holiday and the sub editor did this, Adi says call him now. The editor says his phone is off. Adi asks him for the address. Nilofer waits for Ayesha as its time for meeting. Sheela comes to them and asks them to do the packing, and we came here to lock the outhouse. Payal smiles and taunts Nafisa. Nilofer says I can’t hear a word against my daughters. Sheela says no one will marry Ayesha now, after she did, and then how can others get married.

Nilofer calls Ayesha and asks did she get any proof, as its time for meeting. Ayesha says no. Nilofer asks her to come home. She scolds Ayesha. Adi asks Ayesha what did she say, lets go home, I will try to get that man. Nani and Harish come there and say we will go together. Nilofer is miffed and says we don’t need you now. Harish says we are with you. Adi and Ayesha comes there. Adi says I will come with you in meeting, Nilofer says no, Allah is with us. Nani asks Adi how did he not get any proof. Adi says no but I won’t give up.

Arif says Farida we have to go in the meeting. He says sorry Ammi, everything is fair in love and war. Ayesha thinks sorry Pankhudi, people are misunderstanding you because of me, but I will clear your name. Ayesha and her family go for the meeting. The lady asks them do they have any proof. Ayesha is speechless. Ayesha says she is not Pankhudi Kumar, but Ayesha. They are shocked. Nani asks Harish to wait for Ayesha to come back. Harish gets Avantika’s call and says did she know the photo matter. He talks to her.

He is relieved as Avantika did not know, I miss you. The ladies taunt Nilofer for making her daughter become someone’s wife. They scold and taunt Nilofer blaming her for everything. Ayesha says stop it, tell me, not my mum. They scold Ayesha and says we will file a case against you and hype it in media to get you punished. Ayesha says you want to use me for publicity of your organization. Ayesha says I will not apologize as I did not do any mistake. They ask Ayesha to prove her innocence in court.

Nilofer says no, don’t do this, and asks Ayesha to apologize. Ayesha says why. Nilofer apologizes to them and says if this happens, no one will marry her. Arif comes with Farida and says I will marry her. Everyone is shocked seeing him. Farida tells the ladies that I m Arif’s mum, someone did this by planning, Ayesha is innocent. Arif says these are pics of actual shoot. They see it and come to know that Ayesha is really innocent. Arif becomes great in Nilofer’s eyes. They say we won’t case on Ayesha now.

They ask Ayesha to take police help and say Ayesha is lucky as Arif saved her. They leave. Nilofer thanks Arif. Arif says don’t thank me, make me marry Ayesha, I will keep her happy. Ayesha says I k now you did all this, I won’t marry you. Nilofer says stop it. Ayesha says he is wrong and I won’t come in his words. Nilofer stops Ayesha and says Arif is a good man, I know this, you have to marry him. Ayesha says no. Nilofer says then see my dead face. Ayesha is shocked.

Nilofer says either marry him or break every relation with me. Ayesha cries and says yes, I will marry Arif. Arif smiles. Nafisa thinsk she has to get proof against Arif, to stop their marriage, but what to do. Farida asks Ayesha to trust her as Arif will really keep her happy. She asks Nilofer to fix their marriage before Ramzan. Nilofer says fine, we will do it today. Farida says then lets do the arrangements for Nikaah today, Nafisa says I will go outhouse and come. Nilofer says I will go to Arif’s house.

Adi is hunting for proof and says Arif is very smart. Nafisa asks Adi to meet her soon at Arif’s office. She says we will get all proof there. Adi says fine, I m coming. Rubel calls Shanky for some work. Payal says you can tell me. She again brings Nafisa in the talk and he leaves annoyed. Adi meets Nafisa and she tells him that Arif is marrying Ayesha today without her wish. She admits her crime and she joined Arif. She tells him everything. Adi is shocked.

Adi says how can you be so jealous with your sister. Nafisa says I m sure Arif did this, if we pressurize Jackie, he will tell us, we have less time. Adi is stunned knowing about her Nikaah.

Ayesha and Arif’s Nikaah is going on. Ayesha does not say Qubool Hai.
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